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October 31, 2011

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Be Refreshed with Dawn Herring 

Refresh Your Kids

Do your kids need to do a little investigation of what they're good at? Well, my friend, Jill Schoenberg, author of Journal Buddies, shares some cool tips on how to help your kids develop their talents and express and explore their ideas through journal writing in her post, Preteen Journaling: Developing Talents and Creating Results. A little investigation can go a long way toward giving your kids the confidence boost they need to follow their gifts.


Refresh Your Self

This insightful video, How Thought Affects Your Body: The Hidden messages in Water, details how our thoughts directly affect our bodies using an example of an experiment done with water. Once you view it, you may decide to be more discerning about what you fix your thoughts on for your body's benefit. What BEST THOUGHT can you focus on this week?

For Your Journal 
Journaling Tip: 

Try putting on your "investigative" hat this week to help discern where your High-octane emotions are coming from. Once you determine their source, you can plan the next step to take in your journey inward and outward.



Q: When writing a journal entry have you experienced a time when you discovered the source of an emotion  that rose up powerfully in a difficult circumstance? 

 Did it surprise you? How did you respond to this revelation? 


My journal entries are always full of surprises, especially when I am able to understand my underlying reason for the emotions that rise up in me when I face a difficult circumstance. It helps me know where to go next. 


You're welcome to reply to the weekly journaling question; I may share it in a future edition of Refresh Journal.
 My blog post:
The Valley

"Wow. What an awesome post. Love it so much"

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This slideshow is sure to give you a surprise with a totally different approach to art with Artist Alexa Meade, from Washington, D.C.
Alexa uses  her models as her canvas to create a 3-D effect you have to check out. 
How does your creative efforts give your life more dimension?


"Working on yourself, nurturing yourself, caring for yourself does increase self-confidence and that's a powerful force..."

~Monique Halley,

Simply Bliss Life


Special Thanks to:
All the folks on Twitter and Facebook who share Refresh Journal with their friends and followers. 
I appreciate their enthusiasm and support. 


Sometimes a fresh perspective in all of life's dimensions is what we're looking for. Welcome to Refresh Journal.

We all run into situations that cause high octane emotions to rise to the surface. They can catch us by surprise!

But it can be comforting to know that, even when we feel vulnerable, angry, or even jealous, we all run into trouble spots at one time or another. 

Sometimes it can help if we choose to dissect the situation to discern what is really going on at the core. 

Perhaps, a little private investigation is what is needed and will answer the questions you have in your heart of hearts. 

Whether it be on a journal page or talking with an understanding friend, we sometimes need to take the time to get to know ourselves better so we're better prepared when surprising situations come along. 

When times get tough, doing something you enjoy immensely can give you the refreshing boost you need when you need it most.

In this week's journal, I've shared highlights from our #JournalChat Live session where we talk about investigative writing. Also included are refreshing tips for yourself and your kids.

Avril Lavigne shares a supportive song in Keep Holding On that may encourage you in your investigations.

Sometimes I like to do a little investigation of my own: what do you like most about Refresh Journal? Your feedback is always welcome!

Oh, and Thanks for sharing it with a friend. 

Be refreshed,
Dawn Herring
JournalWriter Freelance
Host of #JournalChat Live and #JournalChat Links edition

#JournalChat Pick of the Day for week ending 10/28/11:   


Monday's Pick:  Tap Your Creativity to Help Solve Problems by Maud Purcell


Tuesday's Pick: Art Journaling, The Perfect Way to Play with an Idea! by Suzanne Vadnais Monson


Wednesday's Pick: My Journals Keep Me by Helen Lehndorf 


**Thursday's Pick: 3 Simple Steps to Take Your Journal Back by Deborah Watson-Novacek 


Friday's Pick: Putting stress to rest so that we can get our rest at night by Debra at The Warm Milk Journal


**This link has been chosen for Pick of the Week; please read about this week's #JournalChat Live topic in the box below.   

JournalChat Pick of the Week:

We all like to keep things simple, right? Well, simplicity is the key in Deborah's post as she showcases 3 steps to keep you on the journaling track. 

Sometimes our journaling practice can feel cumbersome, lack stamina, or just isn't giving us the benefits we are hoping for. 

Deborah has some fabulous suggestions on how to keep our journal writing fresh, fun, and flowing. 

You're welcome to read this post prior to the Live chat on Thursday, and perhaps write an entry about how you keep things simple in your journal entries so you keep coming back for more. You're welcome to share any discoveries you've made during our chat. 
So join us on Thursday, November 3rd at 4 p.m. CST(2 p.m. PST), for #JournalChat Live on Twitter. Be sure to use the #JournalChat hashtag in your tweet!
Highlights from #JournalChat Live

This week's chat was insightful as we covered the topic of using our journals for investigative writing. So put on your private investigator cap and enjoy these highlights, or read the whole chat with the transcript link below!


My insights:

What I think is so beneficial about this investigative process is discovering the root of the emotion.

Finding out the 'why' and 'how' of the emotion is part of the process. 

[But] #Journaling helps us to put them on paper to uncover them so we can figure out what they're saying to us. 

Once you get past the surface of what you're thinking, then the real reasons, the heart of the matter is revealed. 


Sage's experience:

Her primary emotion issue was envy [in her post]. 

When we first get started, we may discover some 'absurd' stuff we are thinking, like Sage did. 

Once Sage went through this process, she asked herself, "What do I want now?"  


And Sally_G's pov:

Negative Emotions hold significant information. Drilling down into pain and hurt can lead to healing and freedom. 

Many stop at Anger @JournalChat ~ below that is Hurt, and if you work through THAT, you get to Love. 


And to summarize:

When our daily experiences improve, our overall quality of life increases. What a great benefit!  


That's what journaling is all about; increasing the quality of our daily experience. Try journaling today!


Check out the transcript for #JournalChat Live on 10/27/11. Special Thanks to Sage Cohen, author of the book, The Productive Writer, and of her post, Take the Envy and Run, which was our resource for this week's live chat.
Join us next week on 11/3/11 at 4 PM CST/2 PST for the next session of #JournalChat Live. Topic is in the section for Pick of the Week.  
Sometimes when we have to dig a little deeper, we can benefit from having someone to stay by our side in our journey. Live at the Roxy Theatre, Avril Lavigne shares her support for a friend with her song, Keep Holding On. 
Avril Lavigne -Keep Holding On- Live from The Roxy Theater [16-10-07] .1080p
Avril Lavigne -Keep Holding On- Live from The Roxy Theater 
As you investigate your challenging moments and take time to refresh yourself in the process this week, it can help to be a sounding board for a friend or loved one who is facing a challenge themselves. 
It's always a win-win when you and a friend experience mutual support and refreshment.
Have a wonderful week full of fabulous findings!
Be refreshed, 
Dawn Herring
JournalWriter Freelance
Host of #JournalChat Live and #JournalChat Links Edition on Twitter