Life Science Nation Newsletter  | October 20,  2016  |  Issue 184

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Oct. 13  - Oct. 19)
Raises New Fund for Clinical-Stage Biotech, Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Looks Globally for Early Stage Therapeutic Opportunities
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RESI Boston Investors Panel

By Caitlin Kramer, Research Analyst, LSN

Registration for RESI SF 2017 has been open for only a little over a month, and already 239 investors across 158 firms are registered. To illustrate who these 158 firms are, the below shows a breakdown of registered investment firm categories. VC firms have a large showing, followed by Corporate Venture groups and large pharmaceutical/biotech companies active in equity investing and early stage partnering.

Of the 239 investors registered thus far, 67% have a decision maker role at their firm, such as Director, VP, Partner or a C-Suite title. Only 16% are entry level investment professionals responsible for sourcing and preliminary screening...

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

When speaking to life science companies about their financing progress, there's often a sense of 'grass-is-greener' problems. Medtech CEOs think it's easier to raise money in biotech; early-stage CEOs think it's easier to raise money for later-stage companies with human proof of concept data; neurology companies think it's easier to raise money in oncology or cardiology. We hear a lot of these stories at LSN and they often contradict each other! Realistically speaking, most of the investors that an entrepreneur will speak to will decide not to invest in their company. It's therefore easy to read too much into a rejection note. This week, we'll therefore take a look at the data in the LSN Company Platform on what's really getting financed right now, and at what stage.

The LSN Company platform records a wide range of financings, but this article focuses on data on equity investments into privately held companies in biotech and medtech during 2016. Not all financing rounds are announced when they occur, and the platform only records financing rounds for which some data is available...

By Christine A. Wu, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

LSN is pleased to publish its first panel announcement for RESI SF 2017: Big Data in Healthcare. On January 10th, a panel of five expert healthcare investors will speak regarding why they're looking for big data investment opportunities, how they identify technologies that will have an impact on the healthcare system landscape, and what early-stage fundraising companies in this exciting new vertical can do to get a foot in their doors.

The Big Data in Healthcare panel will comprise of the following panelists:
  • Annie Hazlehurst, Founder, Faridan
  • Dylan Morris, Investment Team, Innovation Endeavors
  • Millie Liu, General Partner, Procyon Ventures
  • Tom Hawes, Managing Director, Sandbox Industries
  • Dave Schulte, Managing Director, McKesson Ventures