The Item Newsletter, Issue #9, December 17, 2018
Thankful This Season for HW and D36
'Tis the season to count our lucky stars and I find myself feeling very lucky to be a part of Hubbard Woods School -- but moreover, our D36 family of schools. In my humble opinion, it doesn't really matter if you land at Crow, HW or Greeley -- our kids are all being taught by the best of the best, with a unique focus on teaching each child in the way best suited to their needs -- and support of the whole child, from a social-emotional standpoint. The student-lead progressive spirit is so exciting when you get a glimpse of it in action. Also, the various experiential projects happening at the schools are cool enough to give you goosebumps.

For example, I peeked at the student film festival that Todd Burleson and his team put on last week (thanks to a grant from the WPSF), where our kids' stop-motion animation movies were screened for all kids and staff to see. It was evident there was as much joy in the process of planning and creating during weeks of IDEA Lab time (my third grader never stopped talking about it!), as there was in viewing the final result. How lucky are we to have such amazing resources? Thank you to Todd and all of the HW staff who made this "magic" happen for our kids. Thank you to Amy Chudgar, Melinda Doty and the other parents who helped out. Please read Todd's recap below, with a Web link for parents to see more.

It makes me excitedly look forward to what D36 can be farther down the road, with a bit more modern space to move and create -- and fewer learning obstacles (like stopping the class to get fresh air when the school's too hot, like electrical brown outs, like kids learning in a hallway). Please tune into the EMFP (if unfamiliar, click here) to get up to speed on the D36 facilities plan that will be up for referendum in April, and will be discussed within the Winnetka community this winter.

In the meantime, the HW PTO wishes your family a fun and healthy break. There are fun things to look forward to in 2019 -- from family events like Dance Party and Bingo, to STEAM Night, Mayfest and a spring luncheon for parents. We hope this winter each classroom's parents can gather at someone's home to  socialize and know each other better -- stay tuned to hear from your room parents on that.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Kendal Reis (HW PTO president)

This Week
D36 Board Meeting
Tuesday, December 18th
Hubbard Woods Auditorium

Winter Sing
Wednesday, December 19th
9:00AM Last Names A-L
1:00PM Last Names M-Z
Hubbard Woods Auditorium

Pajama Day
Friday, December 21st

Online Kindergarten Registration Open
Children who will be 5-years-old on or before September 1, 2019, are eligible to enroll.  Parents are encouraged to pre-register as this will help with teacher and space planning for next year.

Pizza Fun Lunch and Last Day to Hand in 2018 Grand Receipts!!!
Friday, December 21st
Please place all 2018 Grand Receipts in the box by Rosa's desk! Thanks for supporting this important school fundraiser.
News and Notes
News From the IDEA LAB
Dear Hubbard Woods Families,

This past week our students came together to celebrate both creativity and kindness at our first ever Hubbard Woods Student Film Festival.  Students walked the red carpet, posed for the paparazzi and were interviewed by WGST and the Winnetka Current. It was the culmination of many weeks of creating, planning, collaborating and learning.

Students in grades 1-4 worked in teams to create characters, layout their storyboards, and photographed it all through a process called stop-motion animation. The end result was a fantastic collection of short animated films. The central theme for the festival was kindness. Each team worked to tell a story that incorporated this theme.  Many classes went on to create original soundscapes to accompany their films. Some also wrote lyrics and composed original music around our theme of kindness.

This cross-disciplinary project gave the related arts teachers an opportunity to collaborate while helping students see how the combination of art, technology, and music can enrich their storytelling abilities. Because the students had an authentic audience of their peers, the project took on a deeper level of commitment and challenge.

The festival arose through a generous grant from the Winnetka Public Schools Foundation.  The grant centered around three goals:

1. Explore and create animation
2. Encourage student voice and creativity
3  Collaborate with others

Families are welcome to explore the process, films, and reflections of students on this project through the festival website.

Special thanks to: The Winnetka Public Schools Foundation, the Hubbard Woods PTO, (especially Amy Chudgar and Melinda Doty for making the festival look and feel magical!) Mr. Wendt and Ms. Bamshad for collaborating with Mr. Burleson, Mrs. Carmody and the rest of the Hubbard Woods Staff for supporting and celebrating our students in this new tradition.  

Most sincerely,
Todd Burleson

Chess Wizards
Registration for the Chess Wizards Winter 2019 session at Hubbard Woods (once a week, after school) is open. Go to to sign up! Contact PTO Chess Wizards Chair Angela Mak with any questions about the program:

Lost and Found
The Hubbard Woods Lost and Found is full! If you have noticed your kids are missing water bottles, gloves, hats, earmuffs, boots, shoes, snowpants, etc, drop by the Lost and Found to retrieve them!  It is located in the front foyer.
"Self Edit" on Directory Spot
If you need to update your entry on Directory Spot, there is now a simple way you can do that yourself.

Please click here to see the step by step instructions. If you have any questions related to the directory, please contact Amy Kay.
Thank you to Amy Chudgar, Melinda Doty and their team of parent photographers for supporting the IDEA Lab film festival last week and providing great "Hollywood" decorations!
Thank you Jill Beckstedt for always making our school planters look festive and beautiful!
Thank you to Sarah Boulos and Jessica Brosche and Michelle Cullen for organizing this week's staff lunch!
Thank you to Maggie Beitler for coordinating holiday gratitude checks for all HW staff -- and thank you to all families who contributed to the staff gift fund at the start of the school year, making efforts like this possible!
Thank you to Katie King, Kate Hagenah and all of the Pizza Fun Lunch volunteers who make this fun program possible each month!
Thank you to Adriana Angulo for organizing and re-organizing the Lost and Found!
Thank you to Abby Burtelow for handling the November Grand Challenge delivery of the McFlurry's to the winning classroom of Ms. Ellis!
Looking Ahead
No School-Winter Break
December 24th-January 4th
School back Monday, January 7th
Family Dance Party
Saturday, January 26th
Hubbard Woods Gym

Family Bingo 
Sunday, February 24th
Hubbard Woods Gym

PTO Spring Luncheon
Friday, April 12th
Sunset Ridge Country Club
Lunch Box
Kiddos Lunch  is our "hot lunch" program featuring delivered food selections from local restaurants kids love!  Click here  t o order today! 

Please place your child's order by  12PM EACH WEDNESDAY  for the  following week  of lunches. 
Note:  You can now place your orders for February 2019, through the end of the school year!
Snow Day Credit From Kiddos Lunch
On 11/26 we had a snow day. Ordinarily Kiddos Lunch would try to reschedule lunches; however, since it occurred so early in the school year, Kiddos provided a credit instead. The credit will be auto applied during the checkout process, the next time you place a lunch order.  If you need assistance, please contact
Upcoming Pizza Fun Lunch Dates:
 F, Dec. 21
 F, Jan. 18
 F, Feb. 1
 F, Feb. 23
       F, March 8
       F, March 22
       F, April 5
       F, April 26
       F, May 10
       F, May 31

Parent Book Club Opportunity
*The Gift of Failure : How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed
by: Jessica Lahey

January 14th 
Greeley School
275 Fairview Ave., Winnetka

*The format is group discussion of the book, so ideally attendees have pre-read the book and are ready to share!
Save the Date for these upcoming FAN events:
Jan. 17th:  
Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace  
"The Ambition Decisions: What Women Know About Work, Family, and the Path to Building a Life"
Jan. 22nd:  
Leslie Jamison  
"The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath"
Jan. 25:  
David Blight, Ph.D.  
"Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom"
Jan. 30:  
Eboo Patel, Ph.D
"Out of Many Faiths: Religious Diversity and the American Promise"

Volunteers Needed
Idea Lab Volunteers Needed
Beginning after winter break, the Idea Lab is looking for Friday Helpers to assist Mr. Burleson. Jobs could be anything from cutting fabric to prepping the next big project.  Grab a friend and signup! Please note - this is not during your child's Idea Lab class time.

Click Here to sign up!

Please Volunteer to Help With Recycling and Composting!
Be a part of educating our future generations to think before you toss. Wear gloves, stand at the three bins and answer kids' questions on which bin to toss in (we have visual aids to help you) -- it's that easy. We need volunteers to continue this program and the best part is, our planet will thank you!

Contact Elizabeth Leonard at: if you are interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity.
About the PTO
The Hubbard Woods PTO involves parents and teachers working together on behalf of the school and its students. To become involved please contact:

You can also reach out to members of the Exec Team:
President - Kendal Reis
VP - Maggie Beitler
Secretary - Carrie Waterston
Ex Officio - Nidhi Singh
Treasurer - Kate Kligora
Asst. Treasurer - Anna Anderson
Communications - Meghan Miller and Lisa Farrell
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