April| 2023
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  • Spring Spectacular
  • Operations Coordinator Introduction
  • Garden Box Rentals
  • Second Quarter Assessments
  • Parking Guidelines
  • Preparation for Flooding
  • Clubhouse Schedules
Spring Spectacular
On Saturday, March 25, 2023, the Spring Spectacular was held at the Ivory Ridge Swim &Tennis Clubhouse. It was a cold Saturday, so we had to be quick on our feet and schedule an alternative to our pancake breakfast. There were over 400 residents in attendance. The event was a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, hang out with the Easter Bunny, visit with some live animals at the petting zoo and celebrate Spring.

Don't miss out on future events! Watch for communications or check out the website Calendar.

Welcome to our new Operations Coordinator!
Meet Elizabeth Taylor
Hi! My name is Elizabeth Taylor (you can call me Liz) and I’m excited to be working with Ivory Ridge as the Operations Coordinator. I was born and raised in California and came to Utah for my degree at BYU and decided to stay in the area. I’ve had 10+ years experience working in the operations field. After starting at another CCMC Community last year, I jumped at the chance to work with Ivory Ridge and its lovely residents. I’ve been impressed by the relationships other HOA staff have developed and cultivated. I look forward to developing those same connections with you! You are welcome to reach out to me directly: etaylor@ccmcnet.com
Note: Special thanks to our former Operations Coordinator, Claire Houck, who is working with other CCMC communities here in Utah. She will pass along any information for Ivory Ridge in case you happen to communicate with her.

There are still 6 Garden Boxes available to rent in the Parkside Neighborhood that are available for anyone in Ivory Ridge on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please see the link below for the application and pricing or pick one up from the Front Desk at the Clubhouse.
Second Quarter Assessment

Second-quarter assessments are due on April 1. Take a minute and be sure to update your billing if needed. As a reminder, there was a quarterly increase effective on January 1 throughout all of the neighborhoods. If payments are not made by April 10, late fees may apply. Details on making payments can be found on the homeowner's website IVORY RIDGE WEBSITE.
Community Standards
Parking Guidelines
A reminder that on the city roads the city will be towing between
November 1st-March 1st.

  • Within the Ivory Ridge Community streets, please be aware of no parking signs, guest parking signs, and snow removal zones. On snow days, cars should not be parked within snow removal zones.
  • If you live in a benefitted assessment neighborhood or in a sub association, please be aware that the tow patrol is actively towing away any vehicles found not to be in compliance.
  • Guest parking is only temporary and should not be used as long term resident overflow parking.
  • Depending on the neighborhood you live in, temporary guest passes are available at the front desk of the Clubhouse.
  • We should not have to mention this, but sidewalks are not to parked on at anytime of day or night ever.

If your vehicle does get towed, you will need to contact
Legacy Towing directly at this number: (801) 685-2569.
When Life Gives
You Snow...
Make a Snowman!
We appreciate how willing our residents are to help each other. Thank you!

As a reminder, the City of Lehi plows our City roads. Our snow pushing services include the following:

  • The plows do not come out until after an accumulation of two inches or more AND not until the storm has subsided.

  • Our crews come out as fast as they can after the storm and work on roads and sidewalks as quickly as possible.

  • During the storm if you have any concerns, kindly reach out to our office
(801) 679-2256 or email us at info@ivoryridge.com

State Recommended Guidelines for the 2023 Spring Thaw
With the record-breaking moisture received this year and that we are still receiving, the Board of Directors, along with CCMC, has recommended sharing information from Governor Cox's office in regards to preparing for the Spring Thaw. Please see the link below and watch for continuing communication from our office to educate and be ready.
Love your Animal? Leash them!
Unfortunately, there are still reports of animal incidents in the community. Did you know that it is against Lehi City ordinances to have your animals off of the leash in the neighborhood? We want everyone to be safe!

If noticed in the community, residents are encouraged to first speak to each other about respectful pet guidelines. If this is not possible, Homeowners should report animals off of leashes directly to Animal Control. See link below for contact information.
Hours of Operation are 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
SWIM LESSON REGISTRATION STARTS APRIL 17!! Check out the website for further details
Contact the Clubhouse directly with any questions about facilities and membership:
ICORIDGE TOWNS, the new Townhouse rentals across from the Clubhouse, are offering a referral reward if you recommend
someone to rent.
Please see the flyer for more information and who to contact.
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