The JL POA Chronicle
This past Saturday evening, between 5:50pm and 7:30pm, an unknown person entered a home in Jonathan's Landing through an unlocked door and took various items from the home.

JL Security is a resident/security partnership, and we all need residents to remain vigilant and ensure that your alarms are set and your doors and windows are locked.

Call 911 and JL Security at (561)747-1141 to report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activity.

There has been progress in the investigation of the home intrusion a few weeks ago where a man was found in a residence home in the early morning hours.

Working in cooperation with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, JL Security obtained a possible identification of the suspect through a home video at the residence. The PBSO Detective with the help of the JL Security team, believe that the person identified is the suspect in the video.

Currently, the Detective is awaiting the results of forensic evidence that was obtained at the residence, and the availability of the homeowner to view a photo line-up to pursue prosecution.