The JL POA Chronicle
Jonathan’s Landing Board Continues to Evaluate Current and Future
Infrastructure Needs

The POA Board has undertaken a study to identify the repair and replacement needs of Jonathan’s Landing aging infrastructure. Timely actions on these needs are critical to maintaining and improving JL as a competitive, attractive and desirable community for present and future homeowners , the golf club and the marina.

Inside the perimeter of Jonathan’s Landing are 1,234 private residences, a golf club and a marina. With a few minor exceptions, everything else is a “common element” owned by all. That includes roads, gates, berms, sidewalks, landscape, trees, lighting, irrigation systems, etc. All of these items have a “life expectancy” with periodic maintenance and replacement requirements. (Note: Some underground systems are owned by the various utility companies that serve JL and are not included in this discussi on.)  

Much of Jonathan’s Landing infrastructure is old and has reached its “end of life.” For many years, infrastructure such as the irrigation system has been maintained with ever expensive ongoing repairs. (In 2019, this alone was $200,000.) Among the items identified for replacement are the JL irrigation system and the landscape that will need replacement when this project is completed.

The JL Board wishes to note that the irrigation system is but one example where reserve funding was never identified and included in JL reserve planning or funding – from day one. Only now have this item and others been identified.

Over the next several years, maintenance and replacement actions identified in the current study will require reserve funding that exceeds current and planned JLPOA reserves. To acquire the additional needed funding, the POA Board is considering a rare assessment. As the study is not yet complete, an exact amount of an assessment is not yet known.

With information currently in hand, the current Board estimates a per homeowner assessment in the range of $4,000 to $6,000. More precise numbers will be communicated to you when the study is completed. Payment plans for the assessment are also being developed. Responsible options for a single payment and a variety of multiple payments over multiple years are being considered.

The Chronicle will keep you posted as new information becomes available.