The JL POA Chronicle
JL POA Chronicle    07/23/19
JL POA Survey Reminder 

A little over a week ago, we sent a survey to all of our JL Residents.  
The focus of our communities will assist the Strategic Planning Committee and the JL POA Board in years ahead.
We encourage each of you to participate in this survey. It communicates the things you like/dislike and gives you an opportunity to shape the future at Johnathan’s Landing.
You can complete the survey online, or you can request a paper copy.  The paper copy is to be mailed in the envelope we provide you to Club Benchmarking by August 1, 2019. Club Benchmarking is an independent survey company that keeps your survey anonymous.   Club Benchmarking will compile and outline the results to the Board by early fall, and then we will share the information with you.

If you didn't receive your survey, please check your e-mail spam file, as live links sometimes trigger your email spam filter.

If you still don't have the survey, please notify the POA office by calling (561) 743-2032 and requesting a copy to be e-mailed to you. 
Thanks for your help in advance.