The JL POA Chronicle
 Update  -  ADT - January 31, 2020

January 31, 2020
Dear Jonathan’s Landing Resident,
We are very excited to announce to you the change over from our current
alarm provider, to ADT Security!  Not only do we believe they will provide dual monitoring of your alarm system, which was not available previously, you will also be offered some options with your alarm system that are not currently available.
Within the next few days you will receive a mailing from ADT outlining the process you need to follow to convert your alarm system to the new monitoring company. (We have provided some information attached to this email from ADT on their options.)  You do not have to obtain a new alarm panel, only the cellular converter for the alarm system to operate. 
 The steps are easy to follow:
  1. ADT will notify you by phone that your village is scheduled for the conversion.
  • ADT will set up a time for your appointment.
  • Please allow 2 hours for the service visit. ADT will install your device to convert the signal and then test the panel to make sure it is active. They will also need you to complete some paperwork to register you into the system.
  • Please plan to be present the day of your appointment. If you cannot be there, a house sitter or home watcher may take your place who has access to the alarm. It is important to get your alarm converted with the rest of your village.  There is no cost for the installation of the communicator with ADT.
  • At the time of the conversion you will automatically begin monitoring with the ADT Call Center.
These steps will provide you the dual monitoring capability.  
A monthly monitoring fee is included as part of your quarterly POA dues.
You may find it beneficial to look at the options ADT is offering such as control of your alarm from your smart phone. This option, as well as others will be listed in the letter you receive from ADT. These additional options are not part of the basic service and would be directly billed to you by ADT.
The POA Board of Directors