The JL POA Chronicle
  Volume 10     October 11, 2019
In This Issue:
  • Quick Actions Save Lives
  • JL Cable Delinquency Policy
  • Hotwire Classes
  • Suntex Marina Update
  • South Rim Canal Project
  • JL Meetings
  • Helpful Phone Numbers
Quick Actions of Our 
JL Security Officers
Save the Life of a JL Resident

Jonathan’s Landing Security Officers recently saved the life of a resident. On September 27 th patrol officers were responding to a call from a family member of a resident in need of a wellness check. The officers arrived to find the owner on the floor in an unresponsive state.
The security officers immediately called 911 for Palm Beach Fire and Rescue (PBFR) to come to the scene. PBFR ran some preliminary tests on the resident, and then subsequently transported him to JFK Medical Center.
We have been notified by the family that the resident is now under care and was most likely saved by the immediate and effective steps taken by the officers who arrived on the scene.
Our many thanks go out to Security Shift Leader Conrad Niederhouse and Security Shift Leader Thomas Falcone to their quick and responsive actions in saving the life of one of our residents. 
Security Shift Leader
Conrad Niederhouse
Security Shift Leader
Thomas Falcone

 JL Cable Delinquency Policy


Every owner at Jonathan's Landing who subscribes to JL Cable (Hotwire) has a responsibility to pay Cable Assessments/High Speed Internet on time in order to have JL Cable operate efficiently. If you do not make these payments on a regular, timely basis, the following will apply to your account:

Assessments are due and payable on a quarterly basis on the 1 st day of the following months:
  • January
  •  April
  •  July
  • October
Assessments become delinquent as of the 30th day of the same month they are due.

A late notice will be issued by the JL Cable accounting firm responsible for collection. A notice will be mailed in accordance with Florida Statues to the last known address of the owner on file in the records of Palm Beach County. This late notice will be mailed on the 30 th day after the assessment is due and payable. A collection fee of $10 will be applied to this account.

If an assessment has not been paid by the 45 th day, the POA, through its accounting service, will mail a second notice, with a late fee of $25 to be applied to the account. Late fees and collection costs may be charged in accordance with Article VIII Section 2 of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Jonathan’s Landing.

At the 60 th day of delinquent payment, the POA Board shall request that cable or high-speed service be suspended from an individual owner's home, for which JL Cable has presented reasonable documentation that the unit is delinquent on charges or is in foreclosure. Written notification to the owner must be sent to the owner in letter form giving 10 days' notice to comply.

In order to suspend cable or high-speed internet, JL Cable must present written notice to the cable provider that possible disconnect due to non-payment is pending for the delinquent unit. JL Cable will advise the unit owner that a re-connection fee of $50 shall be charged when a suspension is completed in accordance with the Bulk Service Contract Agreement Exhibit C dated 2/24/2014. 
Refresher Classes for Jonathan's Landing
Suntex Marina
Case #C-2019-0410015
Code Violation
As you may be aware, the Palm Bach County magistrate ruled October 2nd on part of the violations involving Suntex Marina at Jonathan's Landing.
That hearing was for the parking lot striping and lighting violations, as well as the storage of boats and equipment in the parking facility.
Jonathan’s attorney (Nat Nason) was present as well as the attorney for the Southporte. Approximately 15 JL owners and 3 JL POA staff were also present.
The Marina was represented by their attorney, with no one from ownership present. The attorney acknowledged the violations and stated the Marina was trying to act on most of the issues, and that they were in the permitting process on several of them.
After discussion, the magistrate ruled to give the Marina the following time to comply with all issues:
  • 30 days to correct the parking of boats and equipment on the parking spaces.
  • 60 days to correct the utility box covers on the premise that were exposed and had no covers.
  • 150 days for the permitting process and for correcting the parking lot, parking striping, and lighting issues.
South Rim Canal Project
A portion of the south rim canal was recently dredged to re-establish its original design depth of three feet.

The spoils from the dredging were pumped into six hundred feet of “Geo Tube," an embankment stabilization material. The newly stabilized embankment will be sodded and completed this week.

Helpful JL Phone Numbers
    JL POA Office: (561) 743-2032
    JL Security: (561) 747-1141
    JL Realty: (561) 745-2500
    JL Golf Club: (561) 747-7600
    JL Marina: (561) 747-8980
    Rene & Associates, Inc. (Accounting): (561) 626-8876