The JL POA Chronicle
  Volume 4    May 10, 2019
In This Issue:
  • Welcome Committee
  • New Security Technology
  • Special Thank you for Invasive Clean Up
  • Be aware while traveling
  • Meeting Notices
  • Helpful Phone Numbers
  • Website Link
New JL Residents Welcomed
to Jonathan’s Landing

The newly established JL POA Welcome Committee is working to make our new residents feel welcomed and happy that they chose JL as their new home. The Committee is doing this by hosting welcome and greet gatherings in conjunction with the Golf Club where the new residents learn more about JL and our POA members - the JL Golf Club, the Yacht Club, Marina and JL Cares. The most recent event was held in April.

Another endeavor of the Welcome Committee is their Welcome Committee Ambassadors. Each resident is assigned an ambassador to help assimilate our new neighbors into our beautiful and friendly community. Answering any questions and helping the new residents become familiar with the area are also part of the Committee's goals. The new residents are provided with a JL POA tote bag filled with information about JL, Jupiter and Palm Beach County, as well as introductory coupons from area businesses.
New Security Technology At Work
In April, JL Security responded to an inbound boat entering JL waterways that was detected by thermal and optical cameras.

The potential intruders responded to Security Officers arriving on the scene with a rapid exit.
A special Thank You to all JL Residents that helped with the invasive clean up.
It was a very productive morning and was also the end of the season for the Landscaping Committee volunteer days until next fall.  The volunteers concentrated on removing the invasive scaevola, carrotwood and brazilian pepper across from Hidden Cove Village.

These plants colonize habitats, and exclude the native plants and animals. Since they decrease native biodiversity, they are bad for the environment.

Thanks to ALL for making JL a great environment to live in.
While Traveling
 Please Be Aware of the Following

Did you know that hackers can gain access to your personal data through the bar codes on your airline and baggage claim tickets. For your safety, do not hold your tickets where the bar code is visible, and do not discard these in public waste containers.

Helpful JL Phone Numbers
    JL POA Office: (561) 743-2032
    JL Security: (561) 747-1141
    JL Realty: (561) 745-2500
    JL Golf Club: (561) 747-7600
    JL Marina: (561) 747-8980
    Rene & Associates, Inc. (Accounting): (561) 626-8876