The JL POA Chronicle
  Volume 5    June 14, 2019
In This Issue:
  • New Texting While Driving Law
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Security Enhancements in Action!
  • Working Together for Community Security
  • Meeting Notices
  • Helpful Phone Numbers
  • Website Link
New Texting While Driving Law
Takes Effect July 1, 2019
On July 1, Florida becomes the 44th state to make texting while driving a primary offense, meaning law enforcement can stop drivers solely for texting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Drivers are required to go totally “hands-free” in school zones and in construction zones when workers are present. Drivers will still be able to use their phone while their car is stopped. 

The penalty for a first offense is $30 plus court costs. A second offense is a $60 penalty plus court costs and three points on the driver license. A crash resulting from texting would result in six points on a driver license. Drivers with additional points can have their license suspended. There will be a grace period through January to help inform motorists of the new law. Warnings will be issued during this time.
The JL POA website has useful links to help you prepare for and keep updated on any potential storms.  Our site includes information such as: Storm supply checklists, Local shelter locations, Evacuation zone maps, Flood insurance links, Alert notification sign-up, Disaster preparedness planning help and much more...

Security Enhancements in Action! 

JLPOA Security continues to move forward to protect our waterways. As every home in JL is potentially affected by water access, our waterways are a significant part of our perimeter. The advanced thermal and analytics cameras recently installed have proven to be extremely effective tools in monitoring access by water. The cameras have located several unauthorized vessels entering JL that were then intercepted by security officers. These images are an example of what our officers are able to see on monitors. The monitors have an audible alarm to immediately alert officers when a vessel is entering or exiting JL.
The land-based perimeter camera project is scheduled to begin within the next three weeks and will greatly enhance the security of JL. Thank you for supporting these important security initiatives! 
Officers observe a vessel entering the channel from the ICW. If the vessel is unknown to the officers, patrol units are dispatched in an effort to intercept and identify the occupants.
A thermal camera protects the entry into JL from unwanted marina access. Once the thermal image activates an alarm, an advanced analytics camera is moved to the alarm location and records any activity or vessel as it enters JL, and patrol officers are dispatched to intercept the individuals.
Palm Beach County Sheriff Dept. &
JL POA Security
Working Together for Community Security

Last week, a number of indigent persons were observed by JLPOA Security Officers outside of our perimeter along the pond behind Publix. They refused to leave the area and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was called. However, because the individuals were not actually trespassing on JL property, the deputy stated there was nothing that he could do.
Director Keyes contacted the Sheriff’s Office District 3 Commander the following morning to discuss the issue. Immediately, the Commander put his Community Policing Team in action and they coordinated with Director Keyes to initiate an operation. In cooperation with JLPOA Security, Regency Management, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, an operation by the PBSO Community Policing team is underway to remove the individuals to either a shelter or detention facility, depending upon the circumstances.
The Sheriff’s team and JLPOA Security will continue to cooperate in the operation with increased Security patrols and regular communication with each other.  

Helpful JL Phone Numbers
    JL POA Office: (561) 743-2032
    JL Security: (561) 747-1141
    JL Realty: (561) 745-2500
    JL Golf Club: (561) 747-7600
    JL Marina: (561) 747-8980
    Rene & Associates, Inc. (Accounting): (561) 626-8876