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4301 N. IH 35
Austin, TX 78722  

Phone: 512.454.2523


Church office hours:  

Monday - Thursday 

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  


Sunday Schedule

8:00am - Holy Eucharist Rite I
9:00am - Contemplative prayer
9:45am - Choir rehearsal
10:30am - Holy Eucharist Rite II  
                   with Kids Word

4:00pm - St. Hildegard's Worship

The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert


The Rev. Judith Liro

Associate Rector & Minister to

St. Hildegard's Community


The Rev. John Brewer


Anne Weaver 

Music Minister 

Vanessa Nering
Newcomer Minister/
Office Administrator

Kate Wright

Interim Day School Director


Melissa Eason Brackin

Patsy Chandler

Herb Dickson

Scott Hoffman

David McGhee

Mary Stewart Miller

Alice Nelson

John Rickard

Trevor Thompson


Patsy Chandler

Senior Warden

Herb Dickson

Junior Warden

Melissa Eason Brackin

Financial Secretary


Frances Rickard, Treasurer

Mary Stewart Miller, Clerk

John Rickard, Day School Liaison  

Josh Shipman

Ashley Urquidi 

Laurence Wainwright-Maks



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January Lay Ministries Schedule
January Activities Calendar

Click here to sign up to be a reader or intercessor during our Rite I & II services.
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Annual Parish Meeting  


St. George's annual parish meeting will take place Sunday, January 12th after the 10:30am service.
On this Sunday we will enjoy a potluck brunch together and take care of some church business. The annual parish meeting is the time we elect members of the Vestry, select Diocesan Council delegates, hear reports on various parish activities, and discuss other church business.  In preparation for the meeting, Father Kevin is encouraging all ministry leaders to have reports prepared.  Please provide an emailed copy to the church office by Tues. Jan 7th. We hope to see you all there and please remember to bring a dish for the potluck meal!
Church office closed
The church office will be closed in observance of
  Martin Luther King, Jr. day on
Monday, January 20th.

Rector's Corner
Dear St. George's Family,

Happy New Year!  As we begin a new year I pray that you and your family may be wrapped up in the love and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and be blessed by God's presence in your lives.  The past several weeks of the Christmas season sometimes feels like a whirlwind of events and celebration.  We have witnessed the birth of the Holy God into our lives through the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and are filled with the spirit moving within our great parish.  What a wonderful Christmas Eve St. George's experienced!  The addition of another service on Christmas Eve brought a recognizable impact to the community; we served forty additional attendants than the previous year.  I am very thankful for all of those that provided their time and talents during the services: ushers, altar guild, acolytes, readers, choir, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, vestry, the list goes on and on!  


A new year brings new beginnings for St. George's.  On Sunday, January 12th we will have our annual parish meeting, where we will remember all the wonderful things we have done in 2013 and learn of all the wonderful things in store for St. George's in 2014.  At the annual parish meeting we will elect our new vestry members from the slate presented by the vestry, and elect our representatives for this year's Diocesan Council in February.  I encourage all members to be in attendance for this important meeting of our parish.


This month we will also begin a new service at St. George's.  On Sunday, January 19th St. George's will offer a service dedicated to the families of our church, school, and community.  The service will begin with an approximate thirty minute liturgy of the word with prayers, readings, songs, and sermon dedicated to children; and then move to the liturgy of the table with communion and a shared potluck meal.  I am looking forward to the service being a vehicle or the continual ministry of St. George's to the community.  If you are able, come and enjoy this new beginning in St. George's ministry and mission; as we worship God and share our faith through word, action, and service.  


May God bless you in the new year and may you share God's love to the world around you!  

The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert  
The Feast of The Epiphany

Please join us Monday, January 6th at 7:00 p.m.
for the celebration of The Feast of the Epiphany,
with Holy Eucharist. This year the celebration of Epiphany
will be held at
Casa Marianella (821 Gunter Street). 

The word "Epiphany" comes from the Greek word epiphaneia, which means, "appearing" or "revealing." The themes of the Epiphany season focus on God's self-revelation in Christ. Christian traditions continue to pay special attention to the visit of the Magi and on the baptism of Jesus, especially the voice from heaven that identifies Jesus as God's Son.
During the Epiphany season, the predominant theme is upon God making God known to the world through Jesus, the divine Son. Please join us as St. George's family continues this Christian tradition and celebrates the 28th anniversary of Casa Marianella's opening.
 Hallelujah Hour - Jan. 7th  
Parishioners will be meeting  
Tuesday, January 7th at 5 pm at 
(2307 Manor Road, directly across the street
from the Haymaker)

       This monthly gathering is open to regulars & newcomers who wish to get to know each other in a relaxed social atmosphere.

Women's Book Group

The book group will be discussing "The Tiger's Wife" by Tea Obreht on
Saturday, January 11th from 3 - 5 p.m.  We will be meeting at Stephanie Savage's home (4105 Idlewild Rd).  Please contact Carolyn Moreau at for directions and more information.  

~Carolyn Moreau
Book Group Coordinator
New Worship Service to Begin in January!  


St. George's has a great opportunity for growth & vitality through the community of our beloved school and surrounding neighborhoods.  Through the three year Strategic Mission Grant awarded to us by the diocese, many initiatives have begun.  One of those initiatives will be a new worship service offered to young families of our church, school, and neighbors. Beginning Sunday, January 19th, St. George's will offer a 5 pm Family Service in addition to our regular Sunday morning services.  The Family Service will focus on community building and children as we worship God and share our faith through word, action, and service.  The first thirty minutes of the service will consist of prayers, readings, sermon, and songs directed toward children and their families.  The service will then move into a special table liturgy; sharing communion alongside a pot-luck meal.  To begin, the service will be held in Kleberg Hall once a month, and as energy and participation develop around the worship, additional services will be offered each month.  The service will provide families an opportunity to worship God through community while not disrupting children's nap time and Sunday morning activities; as well as providing a meal before bedtime. Through good communication with the St. Hildegard's Community, the time and location of the service has been solidified.  So, come and enjoy the 5 pm Family Service of St. George's on Sunday, January 19th!
Safeguarding God's Children  

Safeguarding God's Children is a training program for the prevention of sexual abuse of
children and youth. Every church in the Diocese of Texas requires its leaders to be trained.
This includes, but is not limited to - vestry and committee members, those serving in

ministries that have any interaction with children & youth, all persons involved in a liturgical role, such as Lay Eucharistic Ministers, lectors, ushers, etc. If you are involved in any leadership role at St. George's the training is required. St. George's is offering an
opportunity for certification and recertification on Saturday January 25th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. For information on how to register for this certification, please contact Vanessa at the church office (512-454-2523 or  The deadline to sign-up for training is January 12th



New Flower Chart 
The flower chart for 2014 is now hanging in the narthex of the church. If you would like to give the altar flowers on any given Sunday, or the altar candles for any given month, please sign up on the flower chart so you can be recognized in the Sunday service bulletin. Be sure to print clearly and note if you are giving the flowers or candles in memory of someone or in thanksgiving for some blessing in your life. A donation of $25 (for either flowers or candles) is requested; checks may be made payable to St. George's and placed in the alms basin on Sundays or mailed to the church office. Be sure to note on the memo line that the check is for altar flowers/candles.
Vestry Nominees
As mentioned above in this issue of The Banner, the annual parish meeting will take place Sunday, January 12th, in Kleberg Hall, following the 10:30 a.m. worship service. At that meeting, three new members of the vestry will be elected, each for a three-year term. The nominating committee, composed of the outgoing vestry members, presented a slate of nominees to the vestry for approval at its December meeting. The vestry approved the slate and presents the following parishioners for election: August Dolan-Henderson, Spencer Gordon, and Stephanie Meldrum. More information about each nominee will be provided in the meeting packet.
Opportunity for Baptism- Sunday, January 26th
In the waters of baptism we are lovingly adopted by God into God's family, which we call the Church, and given God's own life to share and reminded that nothing can separate us from God's love in Christ.  The next opportunity for baptism at St. George's will be Sunday, January  26th, at the 10:30 a.m. service. If you, your child, or someone you know desires to be baptized, please contact Fr. Kevin as soon as possible ( or 512-454-2523).

Lay Ministry Trainings

Are you are interested in serving as an acolyte, altar guild member, lay Eucharistic minister, lector and/or intercessor at St. George's?  This month we will have trainings for all lay ministry positions at St. George's. Trainings will take place after the 10:30am service
on January 26th
. If you already participate in one of these ministries or are interested in participating in a new ministry, please be sure to attend.

El Buen Samaritano Turkey Drive

St. George's raised a whopping $590.00 to purchase turkeys for Thanksgiving care packages through El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Mission.  It was fun to see our turkey posters fill up with feathers representing donated turkey dollars.  Both the registration day and the distribution day were very cold, but families were eager to receive the staples for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Thanks to all who gave generously of their time and money.  Nearly 200 volunteers & staff from from across the community came together to serve over 1,000 families at El Buen Samaritano.  Thanks to everyone who helped make hunger take a holiday this year!
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January Events 
First day of school after winter break is Monday, Jan 6 
Large Donor ($250+) Party is 5-7pm on Sunday, January 12 
Family chapel service and pot-luck is Sunday, Jan 19th at 5:00 pm 
No school on Monday, Jan 20 
Breakfast with Kevin and Kate Thursday, Jan 23rd 8-8:50am 


St. George's History
St. George's office has received some historical documents of our great church! 
The files we received are invaluable to understanding our past.
The history of St. George's is rich and interesting, and should be shared with all!
So, each month Father Kevin will choose a piece of that history to include in the monthly Banner. Please click on the link below for the retyped historical piece. We hope you enjoy these installments of our history, and gain insight into our beloved church.     


 Historical account of St. George's Episcopal Church


January Birthdays and Anniversaries

We wish the following parishioners a very happy January birthday:
Ashley Carrera (Jan. 2), Betsy Wilbur (Jan. 3), Jenny Sahs (Jan. 4), Sarah Kerver (Jan. 8), Rebecca Brackin (Jan. 11), Randy Parker (Jan. 11), Jan Phillips (Jan. 13), Paul Paschall (Jan. 18), Lisa Wagner (Jan. 18), Nora Kadas (Jan. 20), Evan Sayer (Jan. 22), Vanamala Manohar (Jan. 22), Francesca Wigle (Jan. 25), Mary Parker (Jan. 29), Rick Price (Jan. 30), Bonita Snyder-Jones (Jan. 30)

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