December 15, 2020 - - PO box 2143, Vero Beach, FL 32961
President's Message
Jonnie Mae Perry
 “I can’t think of any better representation of BEAUTY than someone who is unafraid to be herself”       Emma Stone
Wow, it has been a year! A worldwide pandemic affects not only our daily lives, but how we deliver AAUW’s mission. Thank you to our Board of volunteers--you have done an amazing job of navigating through this uncertainty. We thank all of you for your support, and ask you to continue to join us virtually for the remainder of our season. 

As we welcome 2021, let the challenges of the past year, enlighten and strengthen us going forward.  Let us also choose to become more openhearted as we educate ourselves in diversity, equity, and inclusion in our membership and mission.

Enjoy this holiday season, stay safe and Happy New Year!

Branch Meeting Reminder
JOIN US VIRTUALLY:  January 16th at 11:30

The January Regional Branch Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Patricia Ross, former President of AAUW Florida and long-time AAUW volunteer will present "Volunteer Leadership." Thanks for saving the date: January 16th at 11:30 am.
January Regional Meeting: January 16th at 11:30
Phone in: 929-436-2866
Meeting ID: 976 5647 8834
Passcode: 106822

Zoom Training
Reminder: If you’re not familiar with Zoom, Linda Barker will be giving “dry run” sessions so you can be prepared to Zoom.

Contact (703-898-8260).

January Book Preview
Vero Beach AAUW Member Joan Edwards (pictured) loved the books Moloka'i and Daughter of Moloka'i and will review them for us at our Book Review on Monday January 11, 2021, at 10:00 AM. Pour yourself a cuppa, fire up your computer, click on the link, and join us. 

Moloka'i and Daughter of Moloka'i are historical fiction written by Alan Brennert who lived in Hawai'i for part of his life. The two books span the years 1890 to 1980. Seven-year-old Rachel is taken from her family when she is diagnosed with leprosy and exiled to a leprosy settlement on a remote peninsula on the island of Moloka'i. The story follows her into womanhood and motherhood as she faces injustice with strength. Because of Rachel's disease, her daughter, Ruth, is taken from her and adopted by another family. Ruth also proves to be strong in the face of adversity because both women find compassionate people along their paths.

--submitted by Leslie Carson

Please see the link below to log onto our Zoom session. 
Save Zoom URLs for AAUW Book Reviews

Upcoming Book Review Meetings (January 11, February 1 and March 1) have the same url, Meeting ID and Password below:

Phone in: 929-436-2866
Meeting ID: 996 4949 9198
Passcode: 864281
The AAUW Vero Beach Nominating Committee is preparing nominations for next year’s board. We are looking for members who are interested in working with the board or have leadership skills that they could share with us. The following positions are available for nominations:

                 Vice President
                 Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer
                 Programs 2 positions
                 Membership 2 positions
                 Corresponding Secretary

If know a member who could help us, or personally interested in helping, please contact one of us. We will provide more information:

Gail DeGioia 772-321-9156 or
Gail Helgeson 772-231-9172 or
Leslie Carson 908-531-8582 or

--submitted by Gail DeGioia

AAUW Community Connections
Our branch is once again a sponsor of International Women’s Day by Friends After Diagnosis. Their virtual fundraiser, held on MARCH 6, 2021 from 2:00-4:00 PM, will be accessible on the Friends' website and Facebook page. People will also be able to access the event after that date for a yet-to-be-determined length of time. This will be our third year of supporting their event. STAY TUNED...

—submitted by Linda Barker, Director of Development
Updates For Your Handbook

Two Fundraisers for this season (p. 15 of handbook) have been postponed to 2022. They are: 1) The Presidents and Their First Ladies Theater Guild Fundraiser and 2) The Senior Expo. The Mah Jong Fundraiser status will be updated in a future Hotline edition.

Remember that all Book Reviews and Branch Meetings will be held via Zoom for the rest of the 2020-2021 season.
New Members Shape the Future
A special incentive is available now for new members who join after attending a ZOOM event--such as the ones featured above in this Hotline.

What is it? National dues will be reduced by 1/2 for new members for their first year. Applications and details are available at our website, or contact our Membership Director, Gail DeGioia by phone (772-321-9156) or email ( 

--Submitted by Gail Degioia
Curie: In Her Elements
Turns out, you can split an atom. This was one of the major discoveries made by Marie Curie while she was studying radioactive elements. Curie received her first Nobel Prize for the discovery of radioactivity and her second for the discovery of polonium and radium. She was also the first person to win two Nobel Prizes.
Photo credit: Ghetty Images
Text from Take Part
AAUW Artists + Art + Music
What is VOMA?
Missing traveling during the pandemic? If so, travel virtually and visit the world's only virtual art museum and lots of other places.
AAUW Community Connections

In Memoriam
Janice DuMars, a Vero Beach AAUW Member, passed away on November 13th. Active in the Creative Writing group, she contributed several poems and essays to the group’s publications, and was a delightful puppeteer in the skits created by Rosemary Brofos for Assisted Living residents. She retired from the St. Lucie County school system after working many years as a Guidance Counselor at Northport Middle School. 
 --Submitted by Lois Miles
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--Hotline Editor, Dee Sattler
--Final Editor, Elaine Spooner