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Kate Kelty


  Kate Kelty
      "The Jesus of My Grief"


"I believe the enemy preys on God's wounded children, and when we are grieving and suffering, we are easy targets for him to lie to us about who we are in Christ.  I learned through my grief that all pain is boiled down into two categories; 'True-based pain' and 'Lie-based pain'... " - Kate Kelty on Water through the Word RADIO



Kate's courageous story reaches down to a deep spiritual level.  Even if you've never suffered the loss of a child, her wisdom helps us to consider "who we are IN Christ," and how to break free from the lies and deceptions that separates us from a fulfilling, lifelong experience of God's amazing love.   


Visit Kate's blog.  


Kate Kelty joined Erin in the studio, and this is her story.... 



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