From the Director
This week’s Constructs highlights two issues that surfaced prominently in discussions related to the Jewish community and the 2020 election– Jewish political identification and antisemitism in the United States. 
The Jewish Electorate: State Reports
Our state reports are the result of the American Jewish Population Project's analysis of hundreds of national surveys of US adults. Data describe characteristics of the Jewish electorate in each of the 435 districts of the 116th US Congress and the District of Columbia. 
Trends in Jewish Young Adult Experiences and Perceptions of Antisemitism in America from 2017 to 2019
Contemporary Jewry (2021)
Graham Wright, Sasha Volodarsky, Shahar Hecht, & Leonard Saxe

How has the increase in antisemitic activity in the United States affected Jewish young adults? Using cross-sectional data from recent surveys, the authors analyze trends in Jewish young adults’ experiences and perceptions of antisemitism.