The Johnston County Grower  
                      January 2019       

This Edition of the Johnston County Grower contains important information about upcoming Production Meetings and other events.
If your Private Applicator License expires in 2019, pay close attention the Recertification /Safety classes being offered at the Johnston County Ag center. Anyone of those classes will meet your 2-hour Safety recertification or V class. The private applicator or X classes that will be offered this winter are listed in this newsletter. Please pay close attention to the hours listed beside the meetings. You need at least 2-hours of private applicator or X classes training every three years. Please call the Johnston County Ag Center at 919-989-5380 to pre-register for the meetings you want to attend where pre-registration is required.
If you have a fumigation certification (Z(SF)) on your license and your license expires in 2019, you need to take this class to keep that certification if you have not done so. This class must be taken once during your 3-year cycle.
There are many other important events like Fit Testing, a Commodity Marketing class, Farmer Health Summit workshops, and other educational opportunities in this newsletter.
This newsletter also contains Corn and Cotton variety information, and a summary of some of the field work that was completed in Johnston County in 2018. Soybean variety information will be out shortly.
Labels for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax were revised again. Those products are now classified as Federal Restricted Use Pesticides. They can only be sold by Licensed Pesticide Dealers and purchased only by licensed/certified (commercial and private) applicators.  Only Licensed Pesticide Applicators who have taken the 2019 Auxin training will be allowed to apply these auxin products.  This means that someone working under you without a license is not allowed to apply the restricted use Dicamba products. 

The 2, 4-D products, Enlist and Enlist Duo will only require the training in 2019 before making any application. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tim Britton at 919-989-5380.

Please click here for the 2019 First Quarter Newsletter

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