Journey to Renewal
Sunlight Community Church in Lake Worth is on a journey of renewal. You might ask, when do we stop talking about being on the journey to renewal?  When do we know that we have been renewed? That is an excellent question!  In some sense, we will never stop renewing.  As long as we exist in a world that is plagued by evil we will always be renewing. There will be forces working against us and that necessitates renewal.  At the same time, there are some "gauges" to keep an eye on in the journey of renewal.  Here are some of the gauges we watch as leaders.
  1. The clock: The journey of renewal is a long one.  Thom Rainer says the average length of time it takes a church to experience renewal is 5 years.  We are closing out our 2nd year since our Grand (re)Opening. We have lots of good things happening but we still have challenges to overcome as well. It will take time. I have, at times, reminded my team that I am in this for the long haul. I am thankful to be surrounded by a team of people that shares that commitment.
  2. The community gauge: Does the Lake Worth community know who we are?  Are we spending time getting to know our community?  Are we becoming indispensable to our community?  For a small church this can be challenging.  We don't have the resources to leverage for community impact that we would like.  However, we remember that God has all the resources we need at His disposal! We tap into His undying reserves through partnerships.  We partner with CROS Ministries, we partner with Kiwanis, we sign up to volunteer when the city hosts major events that need our help and we just show up at City Commission meetings and other important meetings.  And, of course, we have partnered with our central campus to launch a preschool that serves the children of our community! The real test for the "community gauge" is do we love our community more than our own survival?  Are we willing to spend our lives (energy, resources, time) serving our community? We are seeing God move our hearts for this community in some beautiful ways.
  3. The freshness gauge: Are we seeing fresh faces in our church family? Are we praying for and building relationships with our unchurched friends?  Are we seeing new leaders step into roles of responsibility? I recently gathered with a group of our young couples. I was happy they agreed to meet with me and thankful for their presence in our church.  I am excited and hopeful to see some of them step into roles of leadership. Our preschool has also brought some fresh faces into our church family.  We are looking forward to having our preschool kids sing at our weekend services during the holiday season.  The freshness gauge is not where we would like to see it yet, but the dial is moving in the right direction.
  4. The dependence gauge:  Are we prayerful? Renewal is not done in our own strength.  It is only by the power of God's Spirit that renewal comes. These early years in the journey have pushed us to our knees. Each step comes only by His grace. Thanks to all of you who join us in praying for God's power to break through!
  5. The financial gauge: This is not the most important gauge but it is essential for the mission to go forward.  This gauge, unfortunately, is not where we want it to be.  And, it seems to be moving in the wrong direction! Though we have added new people, and therefore more support, we have also lost some folks, some who gave generously, through the transition as well.  We are praying for new resources and trusting God to continue to provide for us as we see His hand at work in so many places in our church.
There are more gauges that I may identify in a future prayer letter.  But that's enough for today.  Maybe some of these gauges can be applied to our personal spiritual life as well.  Where are you on the journey of your own spiritual renewal?  Are you in it for the long haul?  Are you spending your energy and resources in a reckless and passionate way for those who are still outside His Kingdom?

Give us courage Lord!  Forgive us for our tendency toward comfort and self-preservation.  Move us into deeper waters so we learn to be dependent on You and so we can see Your power more clearly in the storms of life. Amen!
Fall Festival

Train Rides at the Fall Fest!

As the day drew closer for our first ever Fall Festival, so did the tropical storm! Amanda, our preschool director kept asking me what we would do if it rains.  I kept saying, "We're going to pray and it's not going to rain!"  But it did. It rained, and rained, and rained! We had to cancel the event for that day but we put out the word that it was still happening the next day.


We had sent so many invitations to our community and prayed that we could build some new relationships with new families.  Would they still come a day later?


Trunk or Treat!

We had a great turn out!  Many of the families were some of our closest neighbors.  Best of all, Amanda gave three tours of the preschool and we have a new student starting in just a few days.  That same family came to church this past Sunday!  Despite the rain and the postponement, God accomplished His purposes.


It was a great boost for our Sunlight family as well.  We came together to plan and implement a great event.  It was great to see people pitching in to decorate their cars, our very own pro DJ spinning tunes, train driver, shave ice makers, Hot Dog grillers, one servant even volunteered to wave a sign on the street to bring people in! Our Sunlight Christian Academy parents and staff really pitched in to help with the event as well. It was a glimpse of more good things to come.


Praise & Prayer
  • Praise that the sanctuary roof repairs were donated by a local roofing company (Dobson Roofing)! God is good!
  • Pray for our preschool teachers! As we add new students and connect with more young families in our community the forces of evil will try to mess with them.  Pray for God's protection.
  • Pray for Nancy Avila-Agrinsoni and her husband David as we have officially extended the call to her to serve as our worship leader.
  • Praise for a great Fall Fest and new students in preschool.
  • Praise that Harvey and Gail's son, Josh Schans, came through surgery well.  Pray now as he goes through chemo and radiation.
  • Praise God for those who support this ministry with both prayers and financial gifts.
  • Pray for a growing connection between our preschool families and our church.
Kris Vos - Sunlight Community Church 
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