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Oct 15: Healing the Unconscious
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Little do ye know your own blessedness;
for to travel hopefully is a better thing 
than to arrive.
 ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
We know life is a journey. Every once in a while it is good to take a breath and review our style of traveling. So how are you traveling?
This last week I traveled a very intense leg of my journey. In brief, I let go of people I love, dealt with serious health crises for others, and did an unexpected life review of my own. In balance, I received love and appreciation that buoyed me through these challenges. As of this morning, I have landed on my feet with coffee in hand. Life is good!
Considering this, I am reminded of how amazing we humans are. It is so important to stop and appreciate our growth and the journey of our lives. I hear your stories every day and am awed by your strength, fortitude, love, vulnerability and determination. Some of you are driven to be better because of your children, some by a singular cause, some by love and some of you don't know why, and yet, you're still on the path.
You share the stories of your falls from grace, anger and confusion. With purpose and intention, you reach out for understanding and healing to continue your journey. You are extremely brave and often, don't realize your bravery, connection to Spirit and power.
I also admire and appreciate that in your darkest moments and in the midst of your personal tragedies, you find humor. That is one of the wonderful indicators of consciousness.
Your commitment to your personal growth and Spiritual evolution - I applaud and celebrate. For that is why we are here on Earth in these bodies. It takes great self love and courage to take personal responsibility for your mistakes and so-called failures, and equally, to celebrate your accomplishments and successes.
One of the foundational truths is that Spirit has your back. By the Laws of this Universe, they must never interfere with your choices because this is a free will planet. Free will may sometimes feel scary and you think you are alone and abandoned. Please remember that you are not.
The gift of free will is freedom. When you are able to stop and look at the lesson, you will understand your choice and the purpose of the situation from which it arose. In this there is growth, joy and relief that the lesson is over. When it complete, you will never have to learn it again. Hooray! Celebrate!
Our journey on Earth is a sacred one. And our most sacred experience is joy. I have said many times that the journey is one of love. And, it is that too. Because when we are in joy, we are experiencing our highest vibration of love. We are in harmonic balance with all that is.
Often, we begin a lesson by experiencing the opposite of joy. It is the contrast that allows us to really understand and choose the higher vibration. We might go through struggle or giving away our power or another type of contradictory thought, action or condition. When we journey through the lesson and can find the joy in the moment, we evolve - always. This can take a lifetime or a few moments.
Every path leads to enlightenment. If we belief that we learn better through difficulty, we can get stuck in blame, hopelessness or overwhelm. When you are finished learning through struggle, you ask what you could do differently. This is brilliant and the right question - for you are doing nothing wrong. You just realized that there is a different solution to the predicament; that there is a better choice to be made for you.
One way to make a healthier choice involves stopping and giving your mind a rest. This might be spending a Sunday watching or participating in your favorite sport, a hike to get a different view of life, or a long drive to change your focus. Sometimes it is a conversation with friends. It can even be an evening of dancing. A gentle way is meditation, active or passive.
The point of quieting the mind is to allow for the time needed to shift our perceptions. We can see our lives more neutrally from the outside in. And then, consciously or unconsciously, we may consider our choices and make course corrections.
We are blessed, whether we know it or not, feel it or not, allow it or not. We are blessed by being here. We are blessed by learning on this third dimensional world we call Earth. We are blessed by the beauty of this planet. We are blessed by free will. We are blessed that we share our lives with so many souls in so many forms. We will all arrive at the end. The journey is really all there is.
So, are you allowing yourself to enjoy moments or hours or days of your journey? Are you allowing yourself to be blessed by the love that is around you? I hope so.
My wish for all of us is to focus on the joys, the beauty and the love. These are our grace and our reasons to stay the course on the journey of our lives.


Saturday Discussion & Mediation  


TopicHealing the Unconscious      

          Beliefs, Patterns & Programs

When: 15 October

Times: 8-9:30a PT, 9-10:30a MT, 10-11:30a CT 

      & 11-12:30 ET

Price: $49, $27 for recording only

Where: Teleconference

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I have just come to a deeper understanding of healing the unconscious patterns that sabotage us. The information is so good that I couldn't wait until January to share it with you. We will go through the steps needed to acknowledge, bless, release and transmute those pesky programs that are working against our joy, health, success and love.
Take this powerful step in your healing along with like hearted and like minded souls. 


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