Volume 2 | August 1st, 2017
Footnotes - August 2017

“With every person who we approached, I began to realize each person was just the same as my brother and I"  ❤️ Amelia, a 6th grader, after her first time handing out socks to the homeless.
What's Goin' On?
People tend to be generous (or feel guilty) between Thanksgiving and New Years.  It's during that period that people usually do charitable things like make donations or help out at shelters. But what is happening with The Joy of Sox this time of year?  So, to let you know what we're doing now, here are a few recent: "What's goin' ons."

What's Goin' On - Global

Well, not exactly global, but we have distributed new socks in four countries - most recently in London, UK, in June.

You can click on an interactive Google map on our website to see most of the locations where we've given out socks.


Place The Joy of Sox has Distributed Socks
What's Goin' On - USA West Coast to USA East Coast
The west coast team participating in a "sock pass out" in Anaheim, CA. For Amelia (see quote above), this was her first experience with the homeless. Eliza Clark, on right, who organized the event, from Villanova University, is The Joy of Sox's Chief Sock Intern.
Meanwhile, on the east coast, a team from Harvard University, Harvard Team Stars,  distributed new socks to the Harvard Square Homeless.
What's Going On - Closer to Home 
St. Joseph School, Downingtown, PA conducted a sock drive this spring. Their poster reads, " Wacky Socks Wednesday. Wear a pair. Bring a pair. Donate a pair of new socks to support Villanova University's The Joy of Sox. Wear crazy socks on March 22, Apr 4, Apr 8."

Inspired by a letter written by Villanova's Women's Field hockey team the school collected 842 pairs of new socks.  Super job St. Joes!
What's Goin' On - Closer to Home II
The sign behind the table reads, "Mother/Child Banquet May 16, 6:60 covered dish. Speaker Tom Costello. Topic - The Joy Of Socks [ sic]."

Bethel United Methodist Church, Spring City, PA invited Tom to speak after their Mother/Child banquet.  It was a wonderful evening to engage with the people of Bethel United about the importance of new socks for the homeless.

And as a bonus they donated 398 pairs of new socks!

What we Need

Our impact and reach, as you read above, has been much more than I ever expected - which is a very good thing.  However, in order to continue and grow we need to work on areas such as:
  • Fundraising
  • Sock Drives
  • Sock Distribution
  • Communications/PR
  • Volunteer Coordinators
  • Board Members
  • Interns

So, if you feel you can make a meaningful contribution in any or those areas, regardless of where you are, west coast. or east coast, or anywhere in between, please send me an email and we'll schedule a time for a phone call/meeting.

Meanwhile please consider making a tax-deductible donation, of any amount, to support our mission.  You can donate online by clicking the "Donate Now" button below.  Or by mail to The Joy of Sox®, 580 Lindsey Dr, Ste 150, Radnor,PA 19087-2339

So, on behalf of everyone here at The Joy of Sox, the gentleman in the photo to the right (Wilmington, DE),  and the thousands of homeless we give joy to with new socks, thank you so very much for your support. 


   - Tom

Tom Costello, Jr.                                        Chief Sock Person & Founder

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