This week is Shabbos Parshas BO, Shabbos before YUD SHVAT, a special day for Chassidim!
Reminder: All mispallelim over the age of Bar Mitzvah should get an Aliya this Shabbos in Shul!
The Jr. Rabbi is Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel AVROHOM MEYERS sheyichye in honor of his parents and family always saying YES to KYY!

The Chazan is Habochur HaBainany ELIYAHU HOCH!
A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Cabinet Member and long time mispalleles MUSHKA GREENBAUM!
At KYY we pride ourselves with DERECH ERETZ - we will therefore beginning a new campaign, making sure every single KYY ticket is cleaned up after our special kid's kiddush and raffle.
KYY wishes a big Mazal Tov to the Geisinsky family on the occasion of Mendel's Bar Mitzvah!

We wish you lots of yiddishe and chassidishe nachas and look forward to welcoming Mendel into our MINYAN!!!
CHAIM MORDECHAI ISAAC KRAMER is the 1st Mispallel to earn a spot on the RMD trip!
Will you be next???

Points updated!

Visit the website to see how many Kiddush Cup points you have
Be sure to change your tickets in for coins after Tehillim to earn as many as you can!
Mitzvos for Chaya!
Last weeks Mitzvah: Being tznius in speech, even among friends! (be sure to tell the cabinet members for your "C CLIP"

This week's Mitzvah: Act like a Bas Melech, walk nicely in the street and make a Kiddush Hashem!
Laugh and Learn!
This coming up week (January 17th) will be a "Chaya's Hot Dog Club" and special YUD SHVAT Farbrengen! For all grades, 3-8 from 6-7 p.m. at the Chaiton's home.
Incentive Program
Last Shabbos for the incentive program #2!

Be sure to join us to earn your spot!!
Wishing you a great Shabbos!