Volume 9 / Issue 7 | July 2022
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
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How the angel of the Lord is revealed ... God the Father ... Is Melchizedek the preincarnate Christ? ... The curious case of King Saul and the medium ... and more!
How the angel of the Lord is revealed
When we encounter the angel of the Lord in Scripture, he reveals himself primarily in four ways: (1) he speaks; (2) he appears as a man; (3) he appears in supernatural form; and (4) he appears in dreams and visions.

Article II-A of The Baptist Faith & Message:
God the Father´╗┐
There is little dispute among professing Christians that our Heavenly Father is God. But if we fail to understand the Father correctly, and if we miss the clear teachings of Scripture with respect to his relationship with the other members of the Godhead, then the biblical doctrines of creation, redemption, and restoration suffer as well.

Is Melchizedek the preincarnate Christ?
Before the angel of the Lord appears to Hagar in Genesis 16, Abram encounters a curious king and priest named Melchizedek. The priest presents bread and wine to Abram and his battle-weary men. He further bestows a blessing on Abram in the name of El Elyon, God Most High, and praises God for granting Abram victory in his recent conflict with King Chedorlaomer. All of which begs the question: Is Melchizedek the preincarnate Christ?
The angel of the Lord at the burning bush
It takes forty years as a herder of sheep in the hard-scrabble desert to mold Moses into the humble servant Yahweh employs to fulfill his promise of deliverance for the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage. But Moses' midlife crisis -- being swept away from pharaoh's palace to the backside of Midian -- is about to end at a burning bush.

The curious case of King Saul and the medium
King Saul's visit to the medium at Endor
(1 Sam. 28) is the most detailed account of necromancy in Scripture. It exposes the fraudulence of those who claim to traffic in communication with the deceased, and it warns about the consequences of those who seek to cross a line God has drawn clearly in the sand.

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What Every Christian Should Know About Satan
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