JULY 2023
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Helping Needy Families Have A Brighter Future

From the Desk of Murray Beairsto

We have passed the half way mark of 2023 and the party is about to start! Two more sales, The Longest Table, Arris’Pizza/Paul Zurfluh Charity Golf Tournament and our Christmas season kicks into full gear! We have been preparing for all these upcoming events and have a plan in place for each event. 
The two sales (see the dates below) are coming fast and furious. We have made great strides with the public and they always anticipate our sales. Our fair pricing, welcoming and friendly volunteers, quality of the merchandise and cleanliness of the warehouse are what sets us above the rest. Please make sure you give us a call before August 10 as this is the LAST DAY for pick ups.
Michael Brady has The Longest Table under control and is actively looking for sponsors (see details below). We would love to have you join us for a fun evening of delicious food and beverage.
Wade is well on his way to completing all the details for the golf tournament (see details below)...sign-ups begin next month so be looking for updates soon. He also has another Tiger Update.
HO, HO, HO! We have some wonderful volunteer opportunities coming your way before you know it! September is two months away and all the magic starts then. We’d love for you to join us for Sign-ups (9/30), Home Visits (October), Shopping (11/13-14) and Wrapping (12/9-10). How about getting creative this year...consider volunteering in a completely new area! As Michael says, “Come play with us, you’ll have a good time!” If you would like to volunteer and haven’t yet and would like more information, give me a call (417-209-7027)...I would love to share what we have to offer!  


Let's finish with a bang!

The HGH 2023 Garage Sale Season is in the stretch run with just one Friends and Family Sale and a final major garage sale remaining (see below for dates/times). The warehouse is absolutely packed but we are still accepting donations! Thank you to all who so generously provided top quality donations. Brad continues to put some serious miles on our multiple pick-up vehicles while our garage sale army of volunteers is working tirelessly collecting, sorting, pricing and placing items throughout the warehouse. And they're doing so in our newly air-conditioned warehouse!!

IMPORTANT: No garage sale donations will be accepting after August 10th. Please call Murray at 417-209-7027 and she will arrange pick-up. 


It’s important we know what we are getting so we know how many people to send, what vehicle works best and the best time for everyone. Please note, there are items we don’t take— Mattresses (for legal reasons), office desks, entertainment centers, Box TV’s, China Cabinets, but for the most part we are flexible. 

It is never our intention to look picky or selective. If we can’t use it, we most likely will have options we can offer you. Remaining 2023 sale dates are listed below and we’d love to have your items or have you volunteer with us. Just let us know!


Friends and Family Sale
Saturday, July 22nd
9:00am - 1:00pm

Big Sale – Friday and Saturday
August 18th & 19th
8:00am – 3:00pm both days

Location: HGH warehouse (2809 N. Cedarbrook)

We no longer pick up after private garage sales

We love donations of appliances but please be accurate with their condition. Appliances are given to families in need. There is nothing worse than giving an appliance that does not work properly. We do not wish to appear presumptuous and we sincerely appreciate each and every donation but when we are unable to sell an item, often we must pay to have it removed. We just wish to be more efficient and cost effective.  


Please join us for our 7th Annual HELP GIVE HOPE The Longest Table dinner, Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 6pm, Metropolitan Grill, 2931 E. Battlefield, Springfield.

We are excited to invite you to be a part of a truly remarkable event. A night filled with hope, community, and the power to make a difference. This exceptional occasion will bring together individuals, businesses, and organizations from across Springfield, as we rally together to support the noble cause of Help Give Hope.

TLT is a HGH tradition! And an amazing evening of great food, wine, fellowship and purpose. We hope you will make plans to join us September 10th!

Please share the information below with anyone that you think might be interested in attending.
Those who read my June TIGER UPDATE, all three of you, know I was increasingly optimistic Tiger would agree to be our special guest at the 24th Annual ARRIS PIZZA/PAUL ZURFLUH Charity Golf Tournament (Monday, September 18th - mark your calendar - signs-up begin the first week in August - details forthcoming.)
Well, my excitement and optimism has turned to frustration and disbelief! Thought he and I were best buds! Sure, it was just one round of golf and a few cold ones but we connected...I mean really connected! We had so much in common...our athletic achievements, prowess on the golf course, good looks, rock solid bodies, and transcendent coolness. I was just sure our paths were meant to cross again at the HGH golf tourney. Maybe I went too far when I offered swing tips to his son Charlie...I could have sworn that was a look of appreciation on Tiger's face. Now I'm not so sure. I meant well...really! I honestly thought the Jim Furyk swing fit Charlie perfectly!
Have tried to call Tiger repeatedly the past month but his number has been disconnected. Surely he wouldn't have intentionally given me a wrong number. I must have copied it incorrectly. But I won't give up! There's no quit in me.
Have been practicing night and day in anticipation of his playing and am crushing the ball over 200 yards...yeah, 200 yards! I'm not kidding! Of course, that's downwind and downhill with burned-out fairways but 200 yards is 200 yards. But it's really not about my exceptional golfing skills or how cool everyone would think I am if Tiger shows. It's really about the people our charity helps as a result of this tourney. It is people we help...right? Or do we help animals? Maybe its climate change...that's a big thing now. Or are we trying to save the rain forest? Whales? Honestly, I'm not sure...they don't share the details with me. Whatever it is Help Give Hope does, am sure it's a good thing and they seem like nice people. But let's be honest, they just want to use my good looks and fame to help pull in the big names and big bucks.
I mustn't be upset if Tiger's unable to attend the HGH golf tourney. There's still Mr. Happy, Jim (Santa) Crumpley! By the way Jimbo, I was only kidding when I said we'd kick you to the curb if Tiger could play. Just a joke. Heh, Heh! Didn't really mean it.


We want to make sure we have the best email with which to reach you. In order for Help Give Hope to effectively communicate with our friends and supporters, it's critical we have an up-to-date email for you. Click on the email link below to send us the email you prefer we use. Also please include email(s) of any and all family and friends you feel would like to be on our mailing list. Thank you!!

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