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Church office hours:  

Monday - Thursday 

9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  


Sunday Schedule

8:00am - Holy Eucharist Rite I
9:45am - Choir rehearsal
10:30am - Holy Eucharist Rite II  
                   with Kids Word

5:00pm - Recovery Worship Service

The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert


The Rev. Judith Liro

Assisting Priest & Minister to

St. Hildegard's Community


The Rev. John Brewer


Anne Weaver 

Music Minister 

Vanessa Nering
Newcomer Minister/
Office Administrator

Jerri Thompson

Day School Director


Melissa Eason Brackin

Raul Carrera

Mark Casstevens

Brad Dieringer

August Dolan-Henderson

Spencer Gordon

Claire Irwin

Alice Nelson

John Rickard


Melissa Eason Brackin

Senior Warden

John Rickard

Junior Warden

Sandra Villalaz

Financial Secretary


Frances Rickard, Treasurer


Spencer Gordon, Clerk


Mark Casstevens, Day School Liaison  


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A Special Collect for the Nation

Lord God Almighty, you have made all the people of the earth for your glory, to serve you in freedom and in peace: Give to the people of our country a zeal for justice and the strength of forbearance, that we may use our liberty in accordance with your gracious will; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.   Amen.

Church Office Closed 
  The church office will be closed Monday, July 6th in observance of the Independence Day holiday.  Regular office hours will resume Tuesday, July 7th.

Rector's Corner
Dear St. George's Family,


I pray that you are having a restful and delightful summer.  Whether you are enjoying time away from home on vacation or reveling in the slow-downed pace of our warm summer months here in Austin; please know that you are blessed, loved, and cared for by God through your St. George's Church.  


The last few weeks have been filled with celebrations and losses in our community and in the world.  These various monumental occasions have afforded me a time to reflect upon St. George's response to the times at hand.  Last week we celebrated the great decision made by the Supreme Court in its ruling to allow same-sex marriage throughout the entire fifty states.  In our celebration of this monumental occasion it is imperative for us to reflect upon what this means for those of us who celebrate, and those who are struggling with the decision.  I encourage everyone to watch a video our Diocesan Bishop Andrew Doyle released concerning the decision. You can find that video here:   


Bishop Doyle's remarks remind me of a quote from former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, in whose book, Tokens of Trust,  the following can be found:  "This and this alone is God's 'agenda': the world he has made is designed to be a reconciled world, a world in which diverse human communities come to share a life together because they share the conviction that God has acted to set them free from fear and guilt." In our celebration of what we believe to be a social justice issue of protecting the inalienable rights to all people of this great country, we should remember that our purpose is to live in community with the diversity of the world.  If we are to be honest seekers of God's agenda in the world our response must always include those that differ from us, free from guilt, shame, or fear.  Our striving for the Kingdom of God must include a pursuit of reconciliation with all persons through Jesus Christ.  In my experience the pursuit of reconciliation begins with an open heart and a listening ear, and a care for all God's creation. 

Last month we also experienced the loss of a beloved child of God in Nolan Ellison, son of our seminarian, Andrew, and his wife Casie.  Nolan's loss of life from this world is a pure tragedy for the Ellison's and their family here at St. George's.  No words can contain the grief and sorrow that comes with the loss of a loved one.  Yet, if sorrow and mourning is inevitable, which it is at the time of death of a loved one, it is a necessary course of events, a prologue to redemption, where God loves us with a love that defies all finitude, even death, and what makes this so important is that for all the deaths we endure in life, God is never far from us.  The promise of God to the world is that through the sufferings of life we are redeemed through the victory over death in Christ. I know each of you join me in grieving with the Ellisons, and will continue to pray for them and for St. George's in order for God's grace to enter our souls to bring comfort and relief. 


May you continue to be blessed by God this month.  I look forward to hearing of your great adventures from your vacations or staycations.  And, always remember that your home of St. George's continues to be a loving place to worship God and share our faith through word, action, and service.



The Rev. Kevin LJ Schubert  

Summer Kidsword
Summer vacation is here! Each year we give our KidsWord teachers a vacation as well and invite parishioners to teach a KidsWord class or two. All it requires is a desire to get to know our wonderful Kindergarten-5th graders. Lesson plans can be provided, or you can plan your own lesson. Anything goes: music, outdoor activities, games, storytelling.... Please contact Jan Phillips at if you are interested or have questions.

*Those who work with our children must have participated in the Safeguarding God's Children training.

Church Picnic
The church neighborhood picnic will not be held this year.  For the past several years, the general consensus appears to be that this time of year is just "too hot".  Mark your calendars for the next scheduled outdoor event at St. George's, which will be the Pet Blessing on October 4th.

Wednesday Weavings


The adult discussion group known as Wednesday Weavings will meet on the first and third Wednesdays in July from 6:30 to 8 p.m. We share a simple meal, have a short time of centering prayer, and discuss a selected reading from the journal Weavings: A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life. Because we discuss a different reading each time, feel free to come any Wednesday you can. Please bring a contribution for the salad bar meal (for example, fruit, vegetable, or crunchy toppings). This month, the gatherings are on July 1 at Frances and John Rickard's home and July 15 in Kleberg Hall. Copies of the reading will be available in church on the Sunday before the Wednesday gathering. Please join us if you can.  For more information, e-mail Frances Rickard at


Summer Choir Schedule
St. George's choir will not meet for rehearsal for the month of July. Regular Tuesday evening choir rehearsal will resume on August 18th at 7pm.

Blessing of Backpacks and St. George's School Installation of Teachers & Board Members
Mark your calendars for our annual back to school celebration on 
Sunday,  August 30th!   During this special service we will 
bless the backpacks or lunch boxes of those entering a new school year.  
We will also participate in a special installation liturgy for our beloved 
St. George's Episcopal School teachers & board members. 

Discovery Class:
Adult Preparation for Baptism,
Confirmation, & Reception

Father Kevin will teach the Discovery class for all adults who seek to be baptized, confirmed, or received into the Episcopal Church. The five-week course, which begins Sunday, Sept. 20th at 9:00 a.m., will lead those interested in the polity, history, theology, and biblical interpretation of the Episcopal Church; with a special emphasis on St. George's. All are welcome to attend, even if you are undecided about joining St. George's Episcopal Church. The class is in preparation for Bishop Dena Harrison's presence with us on Sunday, October 25th. 

For more information please email Father Kevin:

Being Green at St. George's

This Month's Focus: Dishwashing


It's easy to use more water than necessary when we're washing dishes. Here are a few tips that should help to conserve water, run the dishwasher more efficiently, and get everything sparklingly clean:

  • If you have a two-sided sink, fill one half with warm, soapy water; let items soak before moving them to the dishwasher rather than running everything under a running faucet
  • Place carb-covered dishes (think pasta and potatoes) in the center of the dishwasher, where they get the effects of maximum water power
  • Place protein-covered dishes (think meat, eggs, cheese) around the edges of the dishwasher, where they get the effects of a longer soaking time
  • If you have the option on your dishwasher, choose air dry rather than heated dry; otherwise, turn the washer off after the final rinse, and open the machine door to air dry
  • Give utensils plenty of room to get cleaned by alternating them in the basket, head up, head down
  • Unless absolutely necessary, avoid using the rinse hold setting if your dishwasher has one
The  Environmental Stewardship Committee will meet on Sunday, August 2nd at 9:15 in the Wright House parlor.  You are welcome to join our team; we would love to have you with us! If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Claire Bush at

News from

July Events 


The Summer Camp program is going strong at St. George's Day School! 
On Wednesday, June 24th, the Austin Fire Department paid a special visit to the kids to show them around the fire truck and give them a glimpse of what firefighters look like when in full protective gear.    If you have a child that you would
 like to enroll in the St. George's summer program, please contact 
Erin Johnson at .



July Birthdays and Anniversaries

We wish the following parishioners a very happy July birthday:
Pat Black (July 7), Peter Stuart (July 7), Brad Dieringer (July 7), Athena Navarro (July 7), Betty Tobutt-Nelson (July 12), Dawn Johnson (July 12), Melody Rickard (July 13), Evan O'Donell (July 16), Walter Moreau (July 20), Vinyl Manohar (July 22), Charles Webb (July 23), Heather Schubert (July 24), Hal Stevens (July 25), Kevin Schubert (July 26), Philip Doty (July 30)

And a very happy anniversary to:
Philip Doty & Mikail McIntosh-Doty (July 5)
Anne & Josh McGonigle (July 7)
Hollie & Spencer Gordon (July 31)

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