JULY 2018
The wheels never stop turning here at Scott + Cormia. Check out all of the incredible projects we have broken ground on and completed in the last couple of months. Plus, check out some of the rockstars on staff behind the magic.
The Queen of Multi-family

Michelle Bairley has worked with partners Ray Scott and Matt Cormia for over 25 years. With a specialization in multi-family projects, her honed expertise is reflected in her innovative design.

Michelle's extensive experience in multi-family residential projects has allowed her to closely observe evolving trends in the industry. Just a few of the primary nuances to highlight are hotel style amenities, sustainable/eco-friendly designs, and tech-savvy "smart" apartments. The days of boring, one-dimensional living spaces are over, with developers and future residents calling for pet spas, better recycling options, fancy fitness centers, and more. The growing grocery list of what's considered vital in luxury apartments and condominiums continues to push Michelle and her team to innovate and produce cutting-edge designs.

The Scott + Cormia team is extremely appreciative to have invaluable team members like Michelle, who bring a trusted brand of quality and expertise to any project they champion.

Take a look at progress from one of her latest projects, The Venetian in Ft. Meyers, pictured below.
Orlando's Newest Attraction
Fly Like an Eagle
The Orlando StarFlyer on International Drive was an amazing project to be a part of. The StarFlyer stands 450 feet tall, making it the world's largest swing ride attraction.
VIP Star Access
Our team had a wonderful time attending the VIP preview for the StarFlyer. Attendees were able to enjoy drinks at the Star Bar, which boasts a variety of specialty drinks and "liquid courage" for the attraction. Guests were also able to watch the StarFlyer light up the night sky in the accompanying courtyard area.
Soaring Progress at Lakewood Ranch
We are immensely proud of how The Green at Lakewood Ranch is turning out. Creating this 37-acre, mixed-use Tavistock project has been an invaluable experience for the Scott + Cormia team. The Green is already home to a completed Earth Fare and will boast a variety of restaurants, office, retail and residential opportunities for the Sarasota community. 
My Oh My, The Difference a Year Can Make
These snapshots of Tampa's luxurious Channel Club were taken exactly a year apart, demonstrating the commitment to progress put forth by everyone involved in this project. Here's hoping your new year's resolution winds up as fruitful as Channel Club construction.

Special thanks to Kast Construction for their hard work and Aerial Innovations for the amazing photographs.
What's New With Interiors?
Only incredible things. De la Vega restaurant, recently unveiled in Oviedo, is a testament to the exquisite taste and tireless attention to detail that characterizes our interior design team.
Blazing Trails on the Waterfront
The Bainbridge Clearwater apartments are showing great progress throughout the months. Many dedicated team members continue to collaborate on a variety of multi-family residential projects. This particular project brand positively challenges our team to innovate and work hard to create the best living spaces possible for future residents. We cannot wait to see the end outcome for these picturesque apartments located on the Clearwater coast.
New Staff Spotlight
Meet Malcolm Jones

What inspired you to pursue architecture to begin with?
When I was younger, I would always play with Legos and K’Nex, as well as sketching small images. My mother would always say, “You’re going to be an architect!” Low and behold, here I am today!

What made you choose Scott + Cormia as an employer?
I knew that I wanted to move to the Orlando area coming out of college, so I reached out to various firms in the area. After a couple of interviews with different firms, I realized that Scott + Cormia was the best route for me to take moving forward with my architectural career. Plus, the work atmosphere in the office is exceptional.

Favorite genre of music and musician?
My favorite genre of music is hip hop, and my favorite artist is Lil Wayne.

Favorite quote?
“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth!”

What do you find most challenging about this career?
Memorizing all of the different building codes, rules, and regulations.

What do you find most rewarding about this career?
The satisfaction of seeing a building being constructed that you know you had a hand in creating. It’s a physical representation of your artistry/creativity that the public will be able to witness.

Favorite thing to do in your free time? I don’t particularly have a favorite thing to do. I just really enjoy being involved in different activities and staying mobile i.e. sports, going out, helping with tasks, etc.
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