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A new page has been added to our Children's Ministry website! A page where you can download video clips to use on your Facebook pages, instagram, church Websites, emails, and if you have audio visuals options in your sanctuary as well.

The page will also have PDF pages that you can you print to help you in ministry .

Soon it will have Faith formation Meme's you can use in your social media to help parents.

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Communicating with Kids

So often we feel we need the next fancy curriculum and providing the exciting gizmos will make children want to be part of the weekly programs. There is never a quick purchase or fix that will build a strong Jesus centered ministry. At this point, you may argue, that you see churches with the big indoor crawl tunnels and coffee shops and can't compete! So yes, that is getting kids to come and play, but are they getting Jesus? I mean really FEELING the love of Christ when they are there or working on strong cardio?

Jesus didn't need much in his ministry. I would say he kept it simple and basic, sometimes a boat, a hill, a couple of fish, a stick drawing in the dirt, people sitting in small groups, equipping others to teach. He listened, he leaned into questions, he connected his followers to one another so much they were inspired to go and do likewise.

I believe when we take our lessons back to the basics and teach like Jesus kids feel known, loved, connected and that is what brings them back each week. Or in Jesus time, that is what inspired them to go and do likewise. I have done the razzle-dazzle high energy ministry with kids and I have done the basic lesson with love, listening, and discussion with the same results every time! The basic relational small group connective approach gets comments like, "Can I try that? I just love our group. I look forward to our time every week. I really like our time together!" The Razzle Dazzle approach gets comments like, "That was fun, thanks loads! Let me know when you are doing another fun one!"

Simple lessons with small groups and equipping your leaders to lean in and ask good questions may seem like a tall order. If you create small groups of 3 & 4 kids with one adult and all of those small groups spread out in an open space no one has to worry about "classroom management" because you are not alone with kids yet in small conversation groups. If you give your small group leaders detailed simple lessons with quality questions, you don't have to have an adult who feels like they have to have a teaching degree to volunteer. If you coach your volunteers to listen and find connections to point out between their four students, you will have successful connectional children's ministry small groups.

I ordered copies of these three 6 week curriculum on a specific book by Mike Slaughter. I feel the way the curriculum is written fits right into what I described above. Let me know if you have further questions about connectional children's ministry small groups. You could use this approach on a Wednesday night, Sunday mornings or evenings. My only disappointment in these books is they only have 6 lessons in each. I like the Dare to Dream curriculum best of the three because of all the authentic movement games, lessons, and questions.
We now have the ability to offer a scholarship to help defray the cost of hiring a Wonderfully Made trained educator to come your church. Please be sure to check out the Children's Ministry Web page to read the scholarship requirements and application process.

September 28, 2019
Host Church:
St. James United Methodist Church, Little Rock
10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
3rd-6th grade
Each church can decide the grades they would like to bring within that range.

This is new Quest INFORMATION:
These amazing churches offered to host those who would have to travel over 2 hours to get to Quest. You may contact them directly about making arrangements to sleep overnight in their church on sleeping bags with your students. You would need to plan to take your children to breakfast before the 10:00 a.m. Quest time starts. They will let you know if they have been reserved or are able to host your church. They are willing to host Friday night Sept. 27 so that you don't have to drive it all in one day and you can create overnight bonding experience with your tweens.

First UMC Downtown Tammy Felder
Sardis United Methodist Jessica Butler
Jacksonville First UMC Stephanie Dunn
Highland Valley UMC Crystal Taylor
Little Rock - Trinity UMC Anne Stocks

Keep checking emails because more churches may come available!

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Dr. Michelle Morris for the Center for Vitality debuted the new Congregational Resourcing website at Annual Conference. It is called CouRSe and it is specific FREE training for any Clergy and Layperson in the UMC Conference. Training courses will continue to be added each month to help you build your ministry teams at your church.
I would like you to draw your attention to the CouRSe:

Worship for All!
See Blue circled course above.

This course was developed by members from your Children's Ministry Council, to teach Children's Ministers, Worship Directors, and most importantly Clergy ways they can make worship accommodations for all who worship.

If you have further CouRSe ideas or suggestions you would like training designed please email:

The Youth Mental Health
events hosted through the ARUMC conference are
Thursday, September 26 and Saturday, October 5
both at Conway FUMC.
These are $20 per person and registration for either of these can be found here:
Dates to remember :

  • Quest -September 28, 2019
  • Beyond 2020 January 24 & 25, 2020
  • Annual Conference Hot Springs May 27 & 30, 2020