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July: Awareness Observations

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness

Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness
Book Endorsement:
"It Hurts Like Hell!: I live with pain and have a good life, anyway"

Written by our Co-director of Medicial Marijuana, Ellen Lenox Smith, has written a powerful, inspiring book that shows life with chronic pain; and the ups and downs that come with it. 

It is an authentic and honest look into a journey that has not been easy. Yet despite the setbacks and challenges, pain and suffering, Ellen continues to live a life of purpose and joy. 

For those seeking validation, encouragement and support, this is a book for you! 

Struggle With Rheumatoid Arthritis? 

Do you or a loved one have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)?

 If so, painful and crippling symptoms may make you feel like a prisoner in your own body. If you have RA and you are not getting relief from your current medication, a local research study may be right for you.

RA is a disease that causes severe joint pain, swelling, and stiffness throughout the whole body. Right now, doctors are looking for people with RA to volunteer for local research studies. 

 Those who qualify may receive:
  • Payment up to $625
  • No-cost study-related care from doctors  
  • No-cost study medication
Space is limited! For more information or to get started now, visit:  
You can also call toll-free at ANYTIME: 1-866-976-1251.

Shop AmazonSmile today! 

Here is a simple way to raise funds ...  Amazon will donate a portion of your total purchases to the U.S. Pain Foundation.

July Newsletter
July 2016
Dear Members and Fellow Pain Warriors,
We believe that  people with pain matter. To make sure that message is heard across the country, U.S. Pain Foundation continues to work on creating greater awareness and deeper understanding of the plight of pain through our programs, campaigns and initiatives, advocacy efforts, and partnerships.
This month we are highlighting some recommended new reads as well as a current Photo Challenge.
Thank you for helping us continue our mission to improve the lives of those living with pain by validating chronic medical conditions and educating others. You are all pain warriors, and U.S. Pain Foundation is here to help. 
Wishing you all a low-pain and high-spirits day,
Paul Gileno
            Founder & President, U.S. Pain Foundation
 Take Control of Your Pain: Midwest Conference

U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to partner with Gracie Gean Chronic Pain Advocacy & Consulting to offer a Take Control of Your Pain event in Northbrook, Illinois on Saturday, August 13 at 10:00 AM. 

"This Midwest event was inspired and created from the requests of the pain patients in the Midwest," says Gracie. "We strive to house as many different pain treatment options in one location as possible, as we want people with pain to realize there are many options available other than what they may hear about in their local clinic. Additionally, local doctors are the speakers so those attending have the opportunity to schedule appointments with these specialists if they choose to do so."

The goal of this event is to make you become better educated regarding treatments, how to utilize your voice with advocacy efforts, and help you find local support. The INvisible Project will also be on display as well local groups working to help the pain community in attendance. 

 This is an event you don't want to miss!

Though this is a free educational event open to the public, registration is required.

There is a live, commercial free online stream as well if you cannot attend in person. Registration is required for the live stream also. 

Dancing Through the Pain

Garin Harris, a pain ambassador for U.S. Pain Foundation and Miss Teen Arizona International 2016, has started a campaign to raise awareness about U.S. Pain ... and her own program "Dancing through the Pain" in which she designed to help improve the quality of life for those dealing with chronic pain. She started this after her mother was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and has been suffering from chronic pain ever since.
Dancing Through The Pain Photo Challenge inspires you to tap into your creative side! Post a photo every day or on the days you relate to the most. Please use the following hashtags so we can feature your posts! #DTTPphotos #GarinsChallenge #USPain

Book Review:  Conquer Your Chronic Pain

Conquer Your Chronic Pain is a must-read for anyone living with pain. Dr. Peter Abaci brilliantly shares the value that comes from healing the "pain brain," a biochemical process that naturally occurs to the brain in response to chronic pain. Following his simple steps, people with pain learn important tools to not only manage (and heal) pain, but also reclaim happiness, purpose and overall wellness in life. 
As Founder & President of U.S. Pain Foundation, the leading patient-advocacy organization for those living with pain, I encourage every person with pain to buy this book and keep it close at hand. I might not have suffered as long as I did, had this book been available when I was at my worst. Packed with real-life information that can be used on a daily basis, as well as helpful tips to conquer pain in order to regain control of your life, it is the ultimate guide for people with pain to become empowered and proactive throughout their personal pain journeys. 
Paul Gileno

Pain Relief Revolution:  painreliefrevolution.com
Health Revolution Radio:  iheart.com/show/Health-Revolution-Radio/

Purchase Dr. Abaci's book : Conquer Your Chronic Pain
    Don't forget to write your review of the book!

Birdies For Charity

U.S. Pain Foundation is excited to announce our 2016 partnership with the Travelers Championship Birdies for Charity program.
Birdies for Charity is a pledge-based fundraising program based on the number of birdies made by the PGA Tour professionals during the Travelers Championship. (For example, a $0.02 pledge would equal $36.00 donation if there are1,800 birdies made during the tournament. You can make a flat-rate donation of amount of your choice too.)
The Travelers Championship will donate 100% of the proceeds from your donation to U.S. Pain Foundation. Furthermore, Birdies for Charity will donate a 15% bonus on top of the pledges collected for U.S. Pain.
As you know, the mission of our organization is to inform, educate, empower and advocate for the pain community. Our goal for 2016 is to raise $3,000+ to support our ongoing efforts to ensure that People With Pain Matter and are heard ... and to allow us to continue to create programs that offer free resources and support to those courageously living with pain.
To help our mission by donating (flat-rate or per-birdie pledge) through the Birdies for Charity, visit: 
It is simple and easy to make a pledge! Please remember to select U.S. Pain Foundation from the drop down menu of charity names. This program ends on August 7, 2016.
Questions? Contact Lori (lori@uspainfoundation.org) or Casey (casey@uspainfoundation.org) for any additional help. 

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