Volume 8 / Issue 6 | June 2021
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: Elephants in the Church ... The letter to the churches of Sardis and Philadelphia ... Ten truths about the Incarnation ... Coming soon: What Every Christian Should Know about Satan ... and more!
New from High Street Press: Elephants in the Church
We've all heard the expression, "The elephant in the room." But what happens when elephants come to church? That is, what does the local church do with such hot-button topics as creation vs. evolution, same-sex attraction, racism and sexism, depression, and burial vs. cremation? Often, the answer is: we avoid them. But we shouldn't because the Bible addresses them all. In Elephants in the Church, Missouri Baptist Pastor Ken Parker explores 14 such topics from a biblical perspective.

The letter to the church at Sardis
Sardis is said to be the chief city of Asia Minor in John's day and perhaps the first city in that part of the world converted to Christianity under John's preaching. It also may have been the first city in that region to abandon Christianity and come to ruin. However, Christ's message to the church, while stern, is not in vain.

Ten truths about the Incarnation
What are the essential truths of the Incarnation? How do they help us form a better understanding of the person and work of Christ -- the God-man? And how do these truths help us establish a foundation for exploring the thornier issues related to the Incarnation?

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The letter to the church at Philadelphia
Known for its agricultural products, Philadelphia also is situated on a geological fault and prone to earthquakes. It's also known as the "gateway to the East" for its location on a trade route, and as "little Athens" for its pagan temples. Philadelphia is one of only two of the seven churches for which Jesus has no rebuke. Perhaps that's because the church has a global gospel vision, so Jesus sets before them an open door.

Key passages about the Incarnation
The eternal Son of God always has possessed a divine nature. He is with God in the beginning, and he was (and is) God, according to the Gospel of John. There are many passages that help us understand what it means when John writes, "The Word became flesh" (John 1:14). Let's explore six key passages about the Incarnation.

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Nearly two dozen Missouri Baptist pastors and lay leaders make up the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network. Their wide-ranging expertise helps equip followers of Jesus across the Show-Me State to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect (1 Pet. 3:15-16). Interested in joining the network? Inviting a member to speak at your church?

Coming this fall:
´╗┐What Every Christian Should Know about Satan
Was Satan once an anointed cherub -- God's prime minister of the universe? When and how did he become the father of lies, tempter, accuser, and adversary? How do names like Beelzebul and Belial depict his heinous deeds? And what hope is there for followers of Jesus in knowing that God has prepared a special place for Satan and his messengers?

What Every Christian Should Know about Satan explores more than a dozen biblical names and titles that reveal the evil one's character, tactics, and ultimate destiny in hell.

This new resource from High Street Press is scheduled for release in September.

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