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Summer Resource Edition
We sincerely hope that all of the educators and administrators are getting some much needed and deserved R&R right now. The 2020-21 school year will certainly go down in the books (pun intended) as one of the most unique and challenging years. This summer is the perfect time to reset and refocus your energy on YOU.

Taking time for self care, mental health and to focus on your overall wellness is critical. Drink the water, get the sleep you need, eat the greens, read a book, write in your journal, move your body, get outside, have some fun and laugh. These things may sound cliche and obvious but stop and reflect for a moment on how often you actually do them...? Knowing something and actually doing it are two different things. We have all heard the adage - you have to fill your own cup first before you fill the cup of others. So that's why we're dedicating this months Bulletin to you and your wellness!

Happy Summer!
Values Compass Exercise: Get Connected To Your Purpose

After sharing her keynote speech, Growing A Resilient Mind, with nearly a thousand educators over the past year, it became clear to Audrey Grunst, LCSW & Owner of Simply Bee that the biggest takeaway people had was this Values Exercise.

We all have core values that subtly dictate the choices we make in our lives, but we aren't always as in touch or aware of what they are in the forefront of our minds. Without your top 5 values clearly defined it can be easy to wander off track and make choices that feel out of alignment with who you are - whether it's related to a job, a move across country, a parenting choice, a relationship choice, etc.

Set aside 10 minutes to download the PDF and participate alongside Audrey in this tutorial video. She will walk you through the exercise step-by-step and show you how it helps you get connected to your purpose and feel confident in your decision making ability.

P.S. We'd love to see your values! Participate in this social media challenge and we'll send you a 10% off code towards your next Bee You Planner!
Step 1: Write your top 5 values on a post it note
Step 2: Stick it to your bathroom mirror & snap a pic
Step 3: Share on social media: Tag @simplybeecounseling and @beeyouplanner
Free Wellness Resources: Nutrition, Movement & Meditation

Creating habits to better your health can be hard. We've all set the New Year's resolutions to go to the gym 3x a week and skip the drive through but then life settles in and by February the gym bag is growing dust in the trunk and the Starbucks receipts are lining the inside of our car door (or is that just me?!)

Let us help you get back to fueling your body in a healthful and accessible way. Choosing the right foods for your body has never been easier than with our Simply Nourish 101 Customizable Guide! Written by Simply Bee Health Coach, Stephanie Smith, M.A., M.Ed. she outlines everything from how to strengthen your mindset to incorporating nourishing foods for you and your family, along with reflective journal prompts.

Looking for new ways to incorporate more movement into your life? Or maybe you need tips on how to breathe through moments of stress and anxiety. Then check out our resource page chalk full of various guided meditations; as well as the Simply Bee Well Home Movement Program, written by Simply Bee's Stephanie Bersh, RYT200.
Happy & Healthy Educators:
An Interactive E-Workbook to Improve Your Mental Wellness

One year ago our Simply Bee Classroom team created this e-workbook to support teacher's initial journey towards personal wellness. In talking with educators we got some feedback about the tension points and frustrations they were feeling in their life and we wanted to help.

During those conversations, we found some trends that were not altogether surprising when we really thought about it. Unanimously, their responses included feeling, a lack of time, energy, positivity and self care - especially when it came to their personal lives. This was the foundational research that inspired us to develop the 4x4 Wellness Program For Educators so that we could provide solutions to those pain points.

The great news is, you don't have to be participating in the program to grab this resource! It was developed to help educators meet their own personal physical, mental and wellness goals or introduce them to new ones. The unique thing about this is that it is focused on the overall well-being of educators, not on methodologies, technology, or curriculum. It hits the intersection of mental & physical health and stress points for educators.
Now taking pre-orders for Part II of the NEW Bee You Planner Series

The Bee You Planner is a five-part personal development planner that utilizes the Growth & Resiliency Model© to help people learn how to cope ahead and tackle their biggest challenges with confidence. The series starts with Become Aware and it's available now. Next up is Observe Objectively which is available for pre-order!

P.S. Let us pace the planner series for you! Order the whole set and we'll send you one planner per month so you can learn to navigate life's challenges with emotional growth and resiliency skills.
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