KINten July 21, 2020
Our "Top Ten" Praises and Prayer Requests for this Month
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. -2 Chronicles 7:14

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. 
-Psalm 139:23

Friends, pray that we and believers across America will truly seek humility, listening to our brothers and sisters of every skin tone and turning from any “wicked ways” both personally and systemically. Together, let’s pray for healing in our land even as we lift these ten points to the Father as well.
Pr ay for unity among our staff, board, and partners so KIN can be used as a vehicle for the gospel, always proceeding according to HIS will. Ask God to prompt each of us to put on the “armor of God” made available to us through the Holy Spirit. (This is all based on our devotion from last week’s staff meeting.)
Ask that the Lord will continue to provide for KIN’s financial needs . Ask also for His blessings on one grant we will submit this week and one next week.
It’s almost back-to-school time! We will once again collect filled backpacks and individual school supplies to bless international students new to Knox County. It is God who supplies all our needs, but He uses His church to do it! Ask Him to prompt believers to generously give (supplies or money) to this effort.
Praise God for the reversed decision regarding international student visas . We are thankful such students will be able to remain and those who have established relationships with them will be able to continue witnessing and discipling them while they study in the US.
Ask God to call up another church small group to embrace an international family who desperately need companionship and encouragement. This will be the second pairing God puts in our laps even before the Embrace Initiative officially begins.
"The Kingdom of God moves at the speed of relationship." -Caesar Kalinowski
Speaking of Embrace, our first small group/international family pairing is going splendidly. Praise God for relationships that formed quickly . The international family is being blessed through time spent together and guidance on things long-time Americans would find simple. The small group is growing in their understanding of the refugee situation here in the US and learning to love like Jesus loves.
The LaMP (Language and Mentoring Partners) program is off to a great start! Check these numbers: 16 teacher/mentors trained, 8 student-teacher pairs established (and 3 pairs have already met), 22 whiteboards donated before we knew we would do this program, and 24 faceshields donated by one of the volunteer teachers. Praise God for pouring out His blessings on this effort to build personal relationships that lead to Gospel conversations.
Pray for ESL teachers and encouragers who are moving their classes on-line. They are undertaking a huge learning curve and will face different challenges with this new medium! Ask God to give them understanding and patience with themselves. Ask Him to draw students to the virtual classes despite the physical distances.
Last month, an international family’s rental house burned down in South Knoxville. They continue to look for a new home. Ask God to provide them with a home big enough for their family of 7, with a rent that fits their budget.
 Volunteer Requests (contact Jani to learn more:
a. someone to help KIN create informational videos about COVID safety precautions
b. a Backpack Coordinator to oversee the collection and assembly of school supplies for the Knox County Welcome Center. 1 month commitment.
This prayer request list is confidential. Please do not post on social media or distribute outside of prayer meetings and other prayer groups. Thank you.
More Than A Book Club
In this story from last year, one volunteer found a way to connect with internationals through reading a book together. But sharing a book turned into sharing their lives.

  • Praise God, the LaMP program has started strong (see above)! Pray for additional volunteers to invest their lives, like Laura did, in one or two internationals. All for God's glory.
  • Ask God to continue to give KIN favor with apartment managers, school teachers, and others who connect us with more internationals across Knoxville.
  • Pray for long-term relationships built on trust that lead to Gospel conversations.
Additional Faith-Based Resources (click the links to access)
The National Immigration Forum has a podcast called Only in America . Check it out here.

Here's a quick vocabulary lesson (2.5 min) about the different terms used in conversations regarding internationals.

Catholic Charities is helping Middle Tennessee international families impacted by COVID. Catch the story here.
How can we pray for you? Send your prayer requests to us via this form.