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Dear ex-colleague or business contact,

As most of you know, I retired from Schlumberger on May 15, and I am going to offer consulting services in the area of IT and Knowledge Management.  I plan to share with you some news I find interesting, and of course I will also tell you more about the services I am offering, as my business develops.

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Claude Baudoin
News from the SOA Consortium
The SOA Consortium is planning the 2009 Case Study Contest (more details at the above link) for this summer. Winners will be announced at the San Antonio meeting in mid-September. I am one of the judges.
The Consortium is also, as originally planned, in its last year of activity. A new organization is being discussed around the concept of "business ecology." Stay tuned for more news on this.
Quotes from the CIO Executive Forum
This forum took place in Houston on May 13. A complete report is available for Schlumberger employees. Here are notable quotes:
"Technology is an enabler to our people. Our success is based on our people, but they can only do a great job if they have good tools."  -- Larry Kellner, Chairman and CEO, Continental Airlines
"Most people don't come to work saying, 'I'm going to do something to screw up my company today.' They want to do a good job, but they need to have the data." -- Larry Kellner
"Invention is the conversion of cash into ideas, innovation is the conversion of ideas into cash." -- Thornton May, IT Futurist
"Ten times more CIOs get fired because of an operational issue than because they were not innovative enough." -- Thornton May
"It helps a lot when the CEO says, 'in many ways Chevron is a technology company that happens to produce energy.'" -- Randy Krotowski, CIO of Global Upstream, Chevron
Voice in the Cloud?
No, I'm not thinking I'm Joan of Arc, but in addition to the more traditional forms of cloud computing, voice services are moving into the cloud. I'm referring to the acquisition of GrandCentral by Google, becoming the Google Voice service, currently in beta test for existing GrandCentral subscribers.
A key feature is that you get a number in an area code of your choice, and when someone calls it, all the phones you have mapped to it ring simultaneously. When you pick up one of those phones, the call is routed to it. You can get call screening, voice mail, you can switch a call from one phone line to another while the call is in progress, and you can call overseas for as low as 2 cents a minute (US to Europe).
Of course, Skype is even easier or simpler in many cases, and the quality is now almost as good.  Telecom companies are losing their market fast (see a recent article in TIME Magazine). Companies still install PBXes and voicemail systems on their premises, but surely this is not going to last long now. The notion of a "business line" or a "home phone" is going to disappear soon.
Seen Recently...
Prezi is an intriguing new way to conceive of a presentation. Instead of being confined to the size of an 8.5"x11" slide, as in Powerpoint, Prezi lets you cover a conceptually infinite surface with text, images, etc., and you "fly" over the entire surface and "dive down" onto specific sections of the whole canvas.
What do you think? Is this useful, and what topics would you like me to address?  I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Claude Baudoin
cébé IT & Knowledge Management