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No. 116 - 17 March 2014
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Cutter Benchmark Review on API Programs
Public Sector Cloud Summit
Oil & Gas Process and Information Integration
NExT courses on KM and Advances in IT
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ACM Tech Packs
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Cutter Benchmark Review: API Programs
The first quarter issue of the Cutter Benchmark Review is entitled "Herding a Hurricane: Implementing and Managing API Programs." The issue, edited by Prof. Joseph Feller, from University College Cork in Ireland, was produced in partnership with Wipro and based on 150+ responses to a jointly designed survey. In addition to Wipro's, you can read a joint analysis by Claude Baudoin and Prof. Giancarlo Succi, from the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen in Italy.
We won't give you too many spoilers, but first, there is a small number of companies with well-defined API programs in place. Second, API programs are seen as facilitators for existing business with partners, not as a new strategy. Thirdly, adopters are so worried about security that they rarely offer completely open APIs at this point.
CSCC Public Sector Cloud Summit
Final reminder: the Cloud Standards Customer Council will hold a special full-day event about the adoption and use of cloud solutions in the public sector on March 24 in Reston, Va. Agenda and registration here.
Process and Information Integration in the Oil & Gas Industry
Another last reminder: please consider the second information days about the benefits of using modeling standards to improve process and information integration in O&G. They will take place at the NH Hotel in Utrecht, Netherlands, March 30-31. Register here for this free event. You can also request a copy of the report on the Houston information days held three weeks ago.
Is the end of Death by PowerPoint, or is it going to be "death by a thousand cuts?" The short answer is: we don't know. But it is at least an intriguing concept: making written documents look much more like a well-designed, illustrated and hyperlinked slide deck. Nancy Duarte's invention, Slidedocs, consists of "visual documents developed in presentation software intended to be read and referenced instead of projected." And naturally, you can learn more about Slidedocs in this SlideShare presentation.
NExT Courses by Claude Baudoin)
The 4-day Knowledge Management course, hosted by the Network for Excellence in Training (NExT), a division of Schlumberger, is scheduled for July 14-17 in Calgary and August 5-8 in Houston. The 3-day course on "Advances in IT" is scheduled for August 12-14 in Houston. Visit the NExT Web site to see the complete calendar and register.
�Atenci�n lectores mexicanos!
This year, c�b� IT & Knowledge Management continues to grow its activities in Mexico in partnership with the local affiliate of the Cutter Consortium. This takes the form of traditional consulting engagements, but also of workshops and courses. If you have colleagues in Mexico, especially in the capital or in Monterrey, or work there yourself, please contact us to take advantage of the multi-client events already scheduled, or to meet us and discuss how we can help.
ACM Tech Packs
Many issues ago, we mentioned that ACM had created Tech Packs, "innovative, integrated learning packages covering today's hottest topics in computing, created by subject matter expert committees who curate essential readings, such as foundational journal papers, conference proceedings, keynotes, and more."
There are now five Tech Packs, available here to members of ACM: Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture, Mobility, Business Intelligence and Data Management, and Security.
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"The Six Staged of Debugging: 1. That can't happen. 2. That doesn't happen on my machine. 3. That shouldn't happen. 4. Why does that happen? 5. Oh, I see! 6. How did that ever work?"

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