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Issue No. 12 - 15 November 2009
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Blog Posts on ECM and KM
Sharepoint 2010
Service Oriented Manifesto
Gravity: Wave Meets BPM
What IT People Read
The Cloud Contessa
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Blog Posts on ECM and KM
Here are two new blog posts I find interesting from Michael Elkins of KestralGroup:
Sharepoint 2010
The world is abuzz about Sharepoint 2010. Did Microsoft finally make a so-so product great? Like some of my friends' houses, the original version was "full of possibilities." Here's what some say about the new version:
Service Oriented Manifesto
A group of 17 industry analysts and practitioners have created the SOA Manifesto, inspired in its form and content by the Agile Manifesto. Two critical remarks: first, one may question the usefulness of the leading statement, "Service orientation is a paradigm that frames what you do." Doesn't every paradigm (if you really have to use that word) do that? Secondly, 4 out of 6 principles can drive the initial cost up, and this is not addressed.
Gravity: Wave Meets BPM
Gravity is a prototype, developed by  SAP's Australian research center, of collaborative Business Process Modeling (BPM) using Google Wave. There is a nice, if a little naive, demo here. It is interesting to see how quickly pilot applications of Google Wave are emerging.
What IT People Read
In case you thought that the whole profession had its head in the Cloud, or feared that anything without "service-oriented" in the title was passé, you may be reassured by the latest list of the most popular books in the ACM Digital Library:
  • The Pragmatic Programmer: from Journeyman to Master
  • LDAP System Administration
  • Learning GNU Emacs
  • The Digital SLR Book: Beyond Point-and-Shoot Digital Photography
  • Excel: The Missing Manual
  • 10-Minute Guide to Conducting a Job Interview
...and What IT People Should Read
My ex-colleague and friend Roberta Gigon at Schlumberger started a blog called The Cloud Contessa. In spite of the title, I'd expect practical and witty comments, not nebulous and aristocratic ones.
Seen Recently...
"IT governance without buy-in from the business is called stress."
-- Tweet by @KestralGroup
"Google Voice Search is a simple application: you can load it to your iPhone, speak into the phone and tell it what you want to search for, and time after time it fails to understand what you're saying. "
-- Nora Ephron, screenwriter and director (quoted in TIME Magazine)