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No. 125 - 1 Aug 2014
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Five Timely ACM TechPacks
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) publishes learning packages - collections of selected articles and references - on subjects of special importance to today's IT practitioner. The last five TechPacks of high relevance to today's IT challenges are:
We Like Consortia So Much, We'll Have Several
"We like standards so much that we have many of them" is a sadly accurate joke. It seems that this can now be applied to consortia. We have several rival groupings of organizations devoted to Software Defined Networking (SDN) and now we have several ones about connected devices -- what is generally referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT):
  • Earlier this year, the Industrial Internet Consortium was launched by AT&T, Cisco, GE, Intel and IBM. It now has 66 members, and is managed by the Object Management Group.
  • The AllSeen Alliance was created in December 2013, mostly by appliance makers, and now has 51 members.
  • Last month, the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) was launched by Samsung, Intel , Dell , Atmel and Broadcom.

While there are distinct aspects to consider (connectivity, applications, security, etc.) the multiplication of organizations is probably not a good thing, as it will inevitably lead to competing standards that will hinder interoperability. 

Process and Information Integration in O&G
The Object Management Group (OMG) is looking at holding a joint information day on business modeling and integration in the Oil & Gas industry, based on process/information modeling standards, during the OMG technical meeting week in Austin in September (the most likely date is Thursday, Sep. 18). The agenda would include business case presentations, talks about applicable standards, a discussion of ontologies for O&G, and a roadmap discussion or panel.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining this event. The proximity of Austin to Houston makes it easy for Oil & Gas industry representatives to attend.
Please Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Earth-shattering news in a July 31 Twitter update from Gartner: "Gartner Predicts: Vendor relationship skills will be a top five competency among CIOs." The statement is amusingly obvious, not just in the future but in the present; the editor must have been on vacation ("a top-five competency of CIOs" would at least be grammatically correct); and this prediction appears under an equally obvious headline, "The digital universe is expanding."
Seen Recently...

"A major challenge facing organizations today is digital fragmentation. Of devices, social, mobile, etc."

-- Dion Hinchcliffe, summarizing his ZDnet article 


"Manufacturers are rushing to get their products on the market without doing the harder work of locking their devices down against the most basic kinds of attacks."

-- Mike Armistead, VP & General Manager of HP's Fortify unit. quoted by 

<re/code> in "The Internet of Things is the Hackers' New Playground