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No. 131 - 3 Nov 2014
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A Guide to Cloud Standards
Cloud Summit Slides Available
The State of Cloud Standards
OMG Meeting and Free Trial Membership
The Business Value of Taxonomy
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A Guide to Cloud Standards 

Lost in the alphabet soup? Don't know what CIMI, OVF, OCCI and TOSCA stand for? The Cloud Standards Wiki, maintained by representatives of various standards organizations, will help you find your way across these diverse and sometimes overlapping specifications.

An alphabetical glossary needs to be added, but hey, it's a Wiki, so we just have to do it ourselves some day.
Sep. 18 Cloud Summit Slides
We previously reported on the Cloud Summit held in Austin on September 18, mostly aimed at positioning the evolution of cloud models and the emerging importance of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. The slides from the various formal talks are now available here.
The State of Cloud Standards 2014
Sorry to keep going on about cloud computing, but it is still, and rightly so, a big subject of discussion because it has such an impact on the sourcing and development strategies of an organization, including the relationship between IT and the business.

In October, BrightTalk organized an online panel about the state of cloud standards. The panelists were:
  • Steve Woodward - Canadian Cloud Council
  • Winston Bumpus - DMTF
  • Dave Casper - Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA)
  • Alex McDonald - Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)
  • Claude Baudoin - representing the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC)
In the presence of 92 online attendees, we debated the scope of cloud standards, the customer issues they address, the interoperability and portability issues, the protection of data, and our forecast for the evolution of standards in 2015. You can now listen to the hour-long recording.
OMG News

The next meeting of the Object Management Group will take place on Dec. 8-12 in Long Beach, Calif. The full agenda and registration instructions are here.


Did you know that as a co-chair of the OMG Business Modeling and Integration Task Force, Claude Baudoin can get you a free six-month OMG trial membership? Just ask us! This is a great way to see the benefits of participating in the definition and early application of modeling standards. The six-month period, regardless of when you start, will allow you to attend two OMG meetings. After Long Beach in December, the next meetings will be near Washington, DC, at the end of March 2015 and in Berlin, Germany in June. 

The Business Value of Taxonomy
On November 12, from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern US time, Earley and Associates (the leading taxonomy consulting firm) will present a webinar on "the business value of taxonomy." Register here.
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"Sometime in the next two years, annual data volume will pass one zettabyte."

-- A Cisco forecast, reported in USA Today.
As you all know without looking it up, 1 zB = 1021 bytes



-- Terrifying carving seen on a Halloween pumpkin
(tweeted by @Brilliant_Ads)


"Why do programmers always get Halloween and Christmas confused? Because DEC 25 = OCT 31"

-- Classic anonymous nerd joke, tweeted by @InfoQ