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No. 194 - 16 Jun 2017
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IoT Platform Explosion
Cutter Mexico Recruits Sales Execs
Conceptual modeling
ACM Turing Award 50th Anniversary
Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT
Data Residency Tutorial Available
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IoT Platform Explosion
During this meeting of the members of the Industrial Internet Consortium that just concluded in Berlin, Kai Hackbarth of Bosch mentioned an IoT Analytics 2016 report that says there are more than 360 IoT platforms in existence. Kai is also active in OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative), founded in 1999 to enable adopters to build open-source IoT ecosystems (in Java) through modular software development and standardized interfaces to integrate devices.
Attention Mexico Sales Execs!
El equipo de Cutter en la Ciudad de México está reclutando ejecutivos de cuenta y un gerente de ventas. ¡Aplica aquí!
Conceptual Modeling Explained
Confused about the distinction between concepts, objects, and information? Jim Logan, from No Magic, who has led a working group on conceptual modeling at the Object Management Group and co-chairs its Analysis & Design Task Force, created a SlideShare presentation do "disentangle" those terms for you.
ACM Turing Award 50th Anniversary
The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Turing Awards (named after famed British computer scientist Alan Turing) with a special conference in San Francisco on June 23-24. The event sold out very quickly, so the ACM has now wisely decided to stream parts of the event online.

Two past winners of the award, famous computer science professors Barbara Liskov and Donald Knuth, will each keynote one day of the conference. They will be joined by other laureates and experts in panel discussions addressing subjects such as advances in deep neural networks; personal privacy vs. national security; preserving the past; Moore's Law; ethics; quantum computing; and augmented reality.

Click here to see the full program, and here to see the live stream.
Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT
Yesterday's webinar by members of the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) on cloud architectures to support the Internet of Things, seen from the customer's perspective, is now available for replay, free of charge.

The report of the same title, on which the webinar is based, is available from the CSCC Web site. Its authors took into account the work of the Industrial Internet Consortium, in particular the IIC's Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA).
Have Tutorial, Will Travel (or present remotely)
Claude Baudoin gave a three-hour tutorial on Data Residency in Brussels on June 8, during the quarterly meeting of the Object Management Group. The tutorial presents and discusses the content of the OMG discussion paper on data residency, and explores potential directions for organizations affected by this issue, whose importance is only now slowly being recognized.

Want to know more? Claude is available to present the material again, in person or remotely, to organizations that want to plan ahead how to meet this challenge. Send us a request.
Seen Recently...
"There's still chance to win a bottle of champagne at #GartnerEA London."
-- Tweet from MEGA International on June 15.
Comment: if you need to bribe your audience with alcohol, there's
something seriously wrong with their interest in Enterprise Architecture.
Seriously, what's the message here? Oh, and it's "a chance," not "chance."

"The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it's too late."
-- Seymour Cray, quoted by @CodeWisdom, quoted by @jlloganiii