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No. 197 - 1 Aug 2017
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CSCC Group on LinkedIn
IoT for Industrial Safety
Blockchain and the Cloud
Business Process Automation
Systems for Automotive Safety
Systems for Automotive Safety
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CSCC Group on LinkedIn
With our colleagues Tracie Berardi and Brian Jones from the joint marketing team of the family of consortia founded by the Object Management Group (the other ones are the Industrial Internet Consortium, the Cloud Standards Customer Council, and the Consortium for IT Software Quality), we spent some time since late April revamping the CSCC's LinkedIn group and inviting new members. The group is now reaching close to 700 participants. If you are an end user of the cloud, this is a good place to introduce yourself and ask questions about cloud best practices and the applicable standards. Vendors are welcome but should refrain from overt publicity. Click here to join.
IoT for Safety
The impact of the Internet of Things on safety has already been explored, for example in a joint project by Marathon Petroleum and Accenture to track workers around a refinery. A recent, award-winning paper from MIT, summarized in this article, further explores the use of wearable electronics to detect exposure to chemicals, "man down" situations, falls, and unsafe lifting practices.
Blockchain and the Cloud
The Cloud Standards Customer Council has released a new white paper, "Customer Cloud Architecture for Blockchain." As all CSCC guides, this is available to download at no cost.
The paper was reviewed during a July 18 webinar, which is now available for replay, also for free.
A Case Study of Business Process Automation
K2, a supplier of business process automation tools, recently presented a webinar about some of its success stories, including that of Shell Oil. Shell has automated 30 "process applications" using K2, and is adding about 10 per quarter.
Some of the key useful features of such a tool are:
  • a graphical workflow notation that is intuitive to the users;
  • while a process is executing, the progress of the work can be visualized in the same graphical form used to program the application;
  • the documents that are used in the application (forms, reports, etc.) can be stored in an existing underlying content management system, such as Microsoft SharePoint.
Systems for Automotive Safety
On August 9, at 2:00 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT), Open Systems Media will present a webinar on "Sorting Out Sensors, Software and Processing for Automotive Safety and Autonomous Drive," sponsored by LDRA, National Instruments, Texas Instruments and Wittenstein. Register here.
It Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas!
The Black Hat and DEF CON security conferences take place annually during the hottest summer days in Las Vegas. Observers also figuratively sweat over the demonstration in real time of new security vulnerabilities.

This year was no exception. At Black Hat, researchers presented a paper about a security flaw in 3G and 4G LTE networks that lets hackers track cell phone locations, using hardware that costs as little as $1,500. And during DEF CON, separate people showed how two different brands of electronic voting machines could be compromised and their results changed.
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"[Agile] is no simple process change, nor a mere development methodology. 'Agile' changes the very core of the way your company thinks, acts and collaborates."
-- Fleur Bambler, Director, UK & Ireland Agile Solution Sales
at CA Technologies (see article here)
"Internet of Things (IoT): a zillion sensors and a few actuators connected by a massive attack surface."
-- Alejandro Pisanty, @pisanty, Mexican innovation and Internet expert