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No. 205 - 1 Dec 2017
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KM Down Under
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Hour of Code
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KM Down Under
Knowledge Management Australia is presenting a one-day forum entitled "The Art of: Knowledge Management, Learning & Communication" in Melbourne, Victoria, on 22 February 2018. There will be nine speakers from various public agencies and private companies. The Australian Securities Exchange speaker, for example, will report on "knowledge management and learning through corporate blogging." The cost for the day is AUD 995.
Digital Transformation and Beer
This Forbes article explains various ways in which Dutch brewing company Heineken is introducing new information-based technologies to boost sales. Several innovations mentioned in the article are combinations of social media and data analytics. The interactive Ignite bottle (see the YouTube video) is an IoT application. It sounds like a gimmick, but Heineken seems to count on it to increase sales in clubs (presumably, the cost of the bottle is such that it needs to be consumed in a place where empties can be recovered and recycled).
Hour of Code
The Hour of Code is a global annual event reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. The idea is that volunteers, even without programming experience, can organize events in their communities, especially at schools, using one-hour tutorial materials (including games and puzzles) available in over 45 languages during the week of Dec. 4-10. There are currently over 111,000 events registered around the world.
Upcoming IT and Software Conferences
Middleware 2017, December 11-15, Las Vegas, Nevada
A major forum for the discussion of innovations and recent scientific advances of middleware systems, including a technical program, an industrial track, panel discussions, poster sessions, tutorials and workshops.

GROUP 2018, January 7-10, Sanibel Island, Florida
The conference integrates work in social science, computer science, engineering, design, values, and other diverse topics related to group work (i.e., collaboration). Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will keynote.

POPL 2018, January 7-13, Los Angeles, California
The ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of programming languages and programming systems. Tutorials will cover message-passing concurrency and substructural logics; computational higher type theory; and relational interpreters for program synthesis (if you need to ask what those things mean, you may not want to go...).

DEVOPS 2018, organized by the LASER Foundation (which also hosts the annual LASER summer school on the island of Elba), will be "the first international workshop on software engineering aspects of continuous development and new paradigms of software production and deployment." It will be held in the rather idyllic setting of a French château near Toulouse on 5-6 March 2018. The organization chair is Bertrand Meyer, past chair of Software Engineering at ETH in Zurich, professor at Politecnico di Milano in Italy and at Innopolis University in Kazan, Russia.
Books and Courses from the ACM Learning Center
Course: Getting Started with Amazon Web Services
Learn about some of the services offered by AWS, as well as the basic steps to get started developing a Node.js application on AWS.

Book: Clean Code by Robert C. Martin
This is not a new book (it appeared in 2008) but is unfortunately always relevant.

eBook: Handbook of Research on Cloud Infrastructure for Big Data Analytics
This eBook on cloud-based big data analytics is available, like many others, to members of the ACM as part of their annual subscription.

Book: Black Hat Physical Device Security by Drew Miller
"Provides step-by-step instructions for assessing the vulnerability of a security device such as a retina scanner, seeing how it might be compromised, and taking protective measures. The book covers the actual device as well as the software that runs it."
Seen Recently...
The Bechdel test for academic and technology conferences: (1) two women speaking (2) in the same panel or session (3) not about women in tech / women in academia.
-- Named and tweeted by Virginia Dignum, Associate Professor at TU Delft,
after the Bechdel test for books and movies (two women must be
talking to each other about something other than a man)