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Issue No. 22 - 15 April 2010
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Case Management Process Modeling
Most Popular ACM Online Books
SXSW Interactive
From the Department of Silly Patents
IBGC Corporate Governance Best Practices
Augmented Human International Conference
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Eat your alphabet soup again: Case Management Process Modeling (CMPM) is a new approach to represent and automate complex and dynamic processes that are not well suited for the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). A big proponent of the approach, Henk de Man of Cordys, has teamed up with Fred Cummins of HP to lead the development of a modeling specification through the Object Management Group (OMG). The April Cutter IT Journal will include a paper describing the concept and applicability of CMPM. Meanwhile, a BP Trends article from December 2009 summarizes the issue.
On the Bookshelf
The latest list of the six "Most Popular ACM Online Books" is below. You can read these books online for free if you or your company subscribes to Safari Books, or if you are a member of the ACM.
SXSW Interactive
The South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Convention in Austin has become a mashup of multiple superimposed events, one of which is SWSW Interactive (March 12-16). There are no clear limits left between entertainment, the Web, social media, and software development. This is abundantly clear if you watch the presentations and slide sets available on these two sites:
From the Department of Silly Patents
Aardvark, the "social search" company acquired by Google, filed for a patent for the idea of posting a status update for your Tweeter followers or Facebook friends to see, inviting them to join a Web service that you have just joined. The blogosphere is abuzz with "this is obvious, isn't it? and they're going to get a patent for that?" messages.
Governança Corporativa
Attention readers from Brazil (or who read Portuguese): IBGC, the Brazilian Institute for Corporate Governance, has published its Code of Best Practices.
Augmented Reality and Après-Ski
The first Augmented Human International Conference recently took place in the French ski resort of Megève (boondoggle, anyone?) and new research prototypes were demonstrated, including one from a research laboratory in Vienna that uses eye tracking to present a person with supplementary information about what or who they are looking at.
The report on Spacemartsays that "a representative from a major international oil company, asking that he not be identified, said the application could be useful for security training or work on oil platforms."
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"Smart people solve problems, we geniuses avoid them"
-- Translation of the Spanish name of a Facebook group
(Los inteligentes resuelven los problemas, los genios los evitamos)