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No. 225 - 1 October 2018
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ReadWrite Labs' State of the IoT Industry
Blockchains for Business Process Management
ACM Turing Laureates' Colloquium
OMG Cloud Working Group
CCS 2018 in Toronto
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Internet of Things: State of the Industry
ReadWrite Labs, a technology watch organization, held a webinar on the state of the IoT industry in mid-September. The content has been posted in SlideShare. Philippe Cases and Kailash Suresh talk about the growth forecast for connected devices and present their "IoT Revolution Landscape," a chart which they maintain continuously and publish in their newsletter. The chart is divided into three bands, each containing two areas:
  • Connected Edge (connected and autonomous things, smart network)
  • Connected Intelligence (smart data, smart cloud)
  • Connected Applications & Processes (smart consumer, smart enterprise)

Each of the six areas is further split into a number of subjects (4 to 6), and this serves as a framework to list the industry players and calculate the size of the industry (3,482 companies, 439,000 employees, $134 billion in funding, 94 unicorns).  

Blockchains for Business Process Management
This title is probably a good way to describe most non-cryptocurrency applications of distributed ledgers, and deserves to be adopted. It is the title of a paper (the full title is "Blockchains for Business Process Management -- Challenges and Opportunities"), co-authored by a record 32 researchers and published in the February 2018 the ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS). The authors summarize their conclusions as follows:
"The BPM and Information Systems communities have a unique opportunity to help shape this fundamental shift toward a distributed, trustworthy infrastructure to promote interorganizational processes."
ACM Turing Laureates' Colloquium at UC Berkeley
On the next seven Wednesday afternoons, 4:00-5:00 p.m. Pacific time, on the campus of UC Berkeley, several awardees of the prestigious Turing Award will reflect on their time at Berkeley between 1970 and 1990, while looking toward the future of research and technological development in their fields. The lectures are open to the public and livestreamed. The first one happened last week, and the remaining ones are:
  • Oct. 3: Silvio Micali on "Proofs, Knowledge and Computation"
  • Oct. 10: David Patterson on "A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture"
  • Oct. 17: Manuel Blum on "Towards a Conscious AI: A Computer Architecture Inspired by Neuroscience"
  • Oct. 24: Richard Karp on "Computational Complexity in Theory and Practice"
  • Oct. 31: Michael Stonebraker on "The Land Sharks Are on the Squawk Box" (prize for best title?)
  • Nov. 7: William Kahan on "A Numerical Analyst Thinks About Deep Learning"
  • Nov. 14: Andrew Chi-Chih Yao on "Game Theory in Action and Blockchain"
More details and speaker biographies here.
OMG Cloud Working Group Kickoff Meeting
"The CSCC is dead, long live the CWG!" The Cloud Working Group of the Object Management Group, successor to the Cloud Standards Customer Council, held its first face-to-face meeting in Ottawa on Sep. 25. Teams will be formed in the next few days to work on three deliverables:

Anyone can join the CWG (OMG membership is not required) and we invite you to participate in the upcoming efforts -- as authors or reviewers. Visit this page to learn more and register. 

Computer & Communication Security, hey?
ACM's Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2018) brings together information security researchers, practitioners, developers, and users from all over the world to explore cutting-edge ideas and results. It is right around the corner, October 15-19 in Toronto, Canada. The program will cover privacy, blockchain, cyberphysical systems, IoT security, encrypted search and computation, and other topics, and will include several co-located workshops.

How the world has changed in 12 years! In 2006, Claude Baudoin presented a paper at CCS in Washington, DC, on the Security Maturity Assessment he co-patented with Colin Elliott. Key foci of this year's conference (privacy, blockchain, IoT) were not even on the horizon then, and now they are front and center.
Seen Recently...
"The capacity for reinvention is the single-most-important career attribute for executives today. Successful reinvention may look different for each of us, but if we do not attempt it, we are sure to fail."
-- Harvard Business Review, which surely deserves a prize for one of the
most obvious, oft-repeated and unoriginal summary of a business article