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No. 237 - 1 April 2019
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Practical Guide to Cloud Deployment Technologies
Knowledge Modeling
Machine Learning in O&G
Scaling Up Digital Transformation (Paris)
Huawei and 5G
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Practical Guide to Cloud Deployment Technologies
On March 21, the Object Management Group approved for publication the Practical Guide to Cloud Deployment Technologies, a collective effort by 21 members of OMG's Cloud Working Group, which you can join for free if you wish to participate in future efforts or just be informed early of what we are doing.

This new addition to our collection of practical guides and papers helps the reader decide between the proliferating options for delivery of workloads to the cloud: bare metal, virtual machines, containers, containers as a service (CaaS), serverless / function as a service (FaaS), and more. And yet the team of authors managed to keep the paper to a reader-friendly 19 pages.

The OMG CWG (which Claude Baudoin co-chairs) will soon announce a date for a public webinar to explain the content of the Practical Guide. Stay tuned!
Knowledge Modeling
Heather Hedden, the author of "The Accidental Taxonomist" blog and book, just wrote a blog article describing what is involved in modeling the knowledge of an enterprise, and how it differs from and goes beyond creating a taxonomy. A knowledge model, she writes, "comprises not only the concepts, their labels and attributes, and their relationships, but also rules or policies for their use." Knowledge modeling. she adds, is an activity of knowledge management (the "process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge," according to Tom Davenport), not merely of information management.
Machine Learning in Oil and Gas
With this two-day event in Houston on April 17-18, the Energy Conference Network continues its series of conferences covering IoT, distributed ledger technology (which they now call "smart contracts," as it seems to be the main application in this sector), and machine learning.

And don't forget the first Digital Transformation Annual Congress by the Gulf Coast Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, May 10, mentioned in the last issue.
Scaling Up Digital Transformation (Paris event)
The French consultants' association XMP-Consult, X-Digital (an Ecole Polytechnique alumni group) and the G9+ nonprofit institute are organizing together a forum on scaling up digital transformation. They expect 4-5 industry leaders as speakers and panelists, and 100+ participants.
When:      Monday, May 27, from 18:30 to 21:30
Where:     Hôtel des Arts et Métiers, 9bis avenue d'Iéna, 75016 Paris
Language: French
Cost:         t.b.a.
RSVP:       Registration will open soon. Details will be provided in a future issue of the KIT, or e-mail us now to express your interest and we will follow-up.
With the need to seamlessly integrate resources in the cloud with those of the enterprise, the adoption of Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) is quickly growing. ASD Reports predicts a quadrupling of the market, from $1 billion in 2018 to $4 billion in 2023.

Even if you do not buy the very expensive market report to get the details, you may find useful information on the summary page, including a rationale for the adoption of SD-WAN and a list of 23 related technology suppliers.
Treading a Fine Line: Huawei and 5G
Even as Britain's National Cyber Security Centre issued a report on March 28 pointing out "significant" security defects in the telecommunication equipment manufacturer's systems, various governments (with the notable exception of the US's confrontational posture) have taken a middle approach to the problem, collaborating with the company to screen its equipment for security flaws in exchange for billion-dollar commitments to invest in more secure code. The reason is that Huawei's products are key to the deployment of 5G networks, explains this New York Times article (NYT articles are offered on a freemium model: you can read five a month for free, and you have to pay for more).

Seen Recently...
This final section of the KIT is usually an attempt at finding some tech-related humor on the 'net. It might have been fitting to continue this tradition on April first. Instead, we found a quote that contrasts human tragedy with the power of technology to alleviate it (in some measure).

"Bidibidi, the world's second largest refugee camp, is slowly but surely transforming into a permanent city. Armed with smartphones, many refugees are helping to build an online map of schools, clinics, businesses, and water sources."