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Issue No. 24 - 17 May 2010
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CBBA Seminar in Houston
SEMAT: Refounding Software Engineering
Video Mapping
Anatomy of a Tweet
ARIS Express Supports BPMN 2.0
Is CMDB a "Collection of the Chaos"?
Cutter Workshops in Mexico
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Capability Based Business Architecture
cébé is partnering with Chicago-based SenseAgility to bring their two-day seminar on Capability Based Business Architecture (CBBA) to Houston on Sep. 8-9. Register here, and/or contact us for more information.
Software Engineering Method and Theory (SEMAT) is a collective effort to "refound software engineering based on a solid theory, proven principles and best practices." It is an attempt to fight the proliferation of untested fads in software engineering practices, as well as to bridge the chasm between academia and industry. Many well-known computer science gurus (Yourdon, Mellor, Harel, Meyer, Jacobson, Odell, Page-Jones, etc.) and 11 corporations including Microsoft and IBM have signed on.
The effort is currently long on ambitions and short on specifics, but the problems it wants to address are real, and this would clearly be a decade-long effort that has just started. So watch this space... or add your name as a supporter on SEMAT's Web site if you agree with their direction.
Video Mapping a.k.a. Projection Mapping
The latest rage in the visualization world is the ability to project scenes very precisely onto 3D objects. The exact alignment of video artifacts to edges and vertices of the objects gives the eerie feeling that the light comes from the objects. See for example this demo video, or this film from the installation by Alcatel-Lucent at the Mobile World Congress.
Anatomy of a Tweet
Raffi Krikorian posted this picture of what is really inside a tweet, not the just the famous 140 characters but everything else that helps Twitter handle the semantics of replies, retweets, etc.
ARIS Express Support for BPMN 2.0
The free version of IDS Scheer's ARIS package, ARIS Express, now supports version 2 of the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). Swim lanes and subprocesses can be modeled in this new version. Graphics can be pasted from the clipboard, or imported from various formats. If you installed ARIS Express 1.0 before, the upgrade should happen automatically.

Note: BPMN v1 meant "Business Process Modeling Notation" but the name was slightly changed in v2 to convey the fact that it's not just about making diagrams -- BPMN also captures the semantics of the process model.
Configuration Management Data Base:
"A collection of the chaos in the IT Environment"?
Alryn Smit's presentation at the Open Group's EA Forum event was rather beningly entitled " The CMDB," but challenged the audience to question whether their CMDB wasn't just a catch-all attempt for all sorts of problematic aspects of the IT environment. The subtitle is: "Understanding the difference between Configuration Management, Asset Management, Inventory Management, Service Management and the CMDB."
Cutter Workshops in Mexico, May-Sep.
The Cutter Consortium is holding four different one-day workshops in Mexico between May and September, each of them repeated in Mexico City and Monterrey. The topics are:
  • Information Technology and Corporate Strategies
  • Cloud Computing - Separating the Hype from the Reality
  • Lean Agile Effective Project Management
  • IT Governance
Click here for schedules, details and registration.
""I wouldn't say it's failed yet. What I would say is what we attempted to do didn't work."
-- BP representative, after the first failed attempt
to contain the Deepwater Horizon oil spill