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Issue No. 25 - 1 June 2010
First Anniversary Issue!
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ETH Courses and Seminars
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CBBA Seminar in Houston
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The KIT is One Year Old!
Welcome to Issue 25
Thanks for reading this newsletter, for sometimes critiquing it, and for occasionally suggesting new content. May it continue to help you watch IT and KM trends, separate the reality from the hype, and even sometimes entertain you over the next 12 months or more.
BPM/SOA Community Case Study Contest
The BPM/SOA Community (successor to the BPM Consortium and the SOA Consortium) has announced its 2010 Case Study Contest, held in partnership with BPTrends and TechTarget. This year's theme is "Business Agility and Process Optimization Enabled by BPM and SOA." If you realized business value using BPM, SOA, or a combination of both, consider submitting your case study! The deadline is June 29, and the winners will be announced at the Community's meeting in Boston in late September. Details here.
Cutter Reports
The second issue of the Cutter IT Journal devoted to BPM in 2010 was just published, with Claude Baudoin as guest editor. Entitled "Business Process Management: Alternative Views," the May issue complements the February one with 5 articles dealing with change management, case management, knowledge management, and other ways in which BPM affects other aspects of the enterprise.

The next issues of the Cutter IT Journal will be devoted to Business Intelligence (June), IT's promise for emerging markets (July), the Web as platform (August), and mobile technologies (September). The call for papers is still open for that last one, so sharpen your pencils and contact Claude Baudoin for more information.

Finally, a Cutter BPM Glossary has been assembled and should be published later this month.
ETH Professional Courses and Seminars
And you thought Eyjafjallajökull was hard to pronounce? Try Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH-Z), the official name of the famous Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. ETH is teaching a series of " compact courses for IT professionals" this summer, including Information Security and Cryptography (June 14-17) and Data Processing in the Cloud (Sep. 7-8). The rösti is not included.

ETH is also a co-organizer of the LASER Summer School on Software Engineering, taking place Sep. 5-11 on Elba Island near Italy (like Napoleon in 1815, you will get to escape). The theme is Empirical Software Engineering, taught by such well-known professors as Victor Basili, Barry Boehm and Bertrand Meyer.

Finally, the "Future of Software Engineering" (FOSE) Symposium will take place in Zurich on Nov. 22-23, involving again some of the great thinkers in this field, such as David Parnas and Niklaus Wirth (who invented the Pascal language).
Speaking of Conferences...
... the ACM Membernet newsletter contains 13 conference listings including DAC, SIGGRAPH, OOPSLA (renamed SPLASH) and SC10. That's too many to include in full, but the list can be seen here.
Reminder: Capability Based Business Architecture
cébé is partnering with Chicago-based SenseAgility to bring their two-day seminar on Capability Based Business Architecture (CBBA) to Houston on Sep. 8-9. Register here, and/or contact us for more information.
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"Spending more effort than required in process discovery without really doing anything about executing the (right) process doesn't get one anywhere."
-- Ashish Bhagwat (Wipro Technologies)
in his blog post on "BPM the Social Way"