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Issue No. 26 - 15 June 2010
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Cutter IT Journal on BPM: Free Download
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Internet Attribution
ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing
CBBA Seminar in Houston
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Free is Good: Cutter IT Journal on BPM
The second issue of the Cutter IT Journal devoted to BPM, with Claude Baudoin as guest editor, was published a few weeks ago. You can now download your free copy of the issue, compliments of cébé IT & Knowledge Management and of the Cutter Consortium.
"Buddy Price" for Cutter Summit
The 2010 Cutter Summit will be held in Cambridge, Mass., on Oct. 25-27. I am pleased to offer a discounted "buddy of Claude Baudoin" registration price of $1500 (instead of $1995) for this event, which will be full of valuable and actionable knowledge (including, obviously, my seminar on "Cloud Computing: Hype, Fear, Reality, and Pragmatics." Please contact me to receive a special registration form for this special opportunity!
Another "A" of Security
Many readers know about the "AAA of Security": Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. Sometimes auditing is added as a fourth A. But a new A-word has recently become a subject of discussion: attribution. The idea is that if Internet protocols were redesigned so that all transactions could be attributed to their source with certainty, cyberwarfare would be curtailed: if you know you have been attacked by country X or company Y, then you can retaliate, and mutual deterrence will once again ensure peace.
But there's a problem with this goal: it would also expose dissidents who use the Internet to distribute anti-government information to being discovered and persecuted.
Click here for a short discussion of the pros and cons of the new A.
ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing
ACM streamed the keynote addresses from SOCC 2010, held June 10-11 in Indianapolis, live on the Internet.

Jeffrey Dean gave a keynote address on "Evolution and Future Directions of Large Scale Storage and Computation Systems at Google." He mentioned these advanced techniques:
  • MapReduce: a framework for processing huge datasets on certain kinds of distributable problems, using a cluster.
  • BigTable: a fast and extremely large-scale database system, organized as a sparse, distributed, multi-dimensional sorted map.
  • Spanner: a storage and computation system that runs across multiple data centers, creating a single namespace.
Rob Woollen's keynote was "the Internal Design of's Multi-Tenant Architecture." Salesforce now has 75,000 customers and has moved from providing a Sales cloud (their original CRM SaaS) to a Service cloud (700,000 custom databases) to a Custom Applications cloud (including the Apex Code programming language) and are now introducing Chatter, a collaboration cloud. They are adding their 8th center in North America. Rob described the storage architecture (Oracle RAC, large object store, archiving, etc.) and the rationale for their strict strategy of making all clients run on a single code base.
Reminder: Capability Based Business Architecture
cébé is partnering with Chicago-based SenseAgility to bring their two-day seminar on Capability Based Business Architecture (CBBA) to Houston on Sep. 8-9. Register here, and/or contact us for more information.
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"Model driven development is never a goal. It's just a means to an end. Making better software faster."
-- Angel "Java" Lopez, via Twitter (@ajlopez)