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No. 262 - 16 April 2020
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COVID-19 and AI
ACM Digital Library
Pandemic Accelerates Automation
Windows Management Experts
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COVID-19 and Artificial Intelligence

Here is the commercial for a virtual conference held by Stanford University on April 1st:
"What will be the broader human impact of novel coronavirus on economies, culture, and human behavior? Tune in live as Stanford and industry experts address the developing public health crisis in a virtual conference that dives into AI applications in diagnostics and treatment, tracking and forecasting, and more."


You didn't have a chance to attend? The event was recorded and is available here. In the words of an acquaintance, immunologist Stuart Koretz:

"I know we're all saturated with COVID stuff, but there was a lot of brainpower on display and an impressive amount of progress being made. Some interesting AI-driven work as it relates to finding the ideal part of the virus to target with vaccines. [...] 6+ hours but you can find the part of most interest to you by checking the agenda and then scanning through to find the speaker(s) of interest."

Agreement between IIC and 5G-ACIA
The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA) jointly announced on March 20 an agreement under which they will align efforts to enable interoperability, prevent fragmentation, and in particular to maximize synergies of 5G for the Industrial Internet.
Open Access to ACM Digital Library
With the disruption created by the pandemic, many computing researchers and practitioners are now working remotely. Teaching and learning have also moved online as most campuses have closed. In response, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) decided to support the computing community by opening the ACM Digital Library to all. Though June 30, there will be no fees for accessing or downloading work published by ACM
Automation and the "New Normal"
After the pandemic ends (which may be in 2020, 2021 or 2022, depending on whom you ask), the "new normal" will not look in many respects like the world we knew in 2019. A consensus is developing that automation and digital transformation will have been forced to go into hyperdrive. Some activities that required physical presence will be automated or remotely monitored. And commerce will have dramatically changed.

The New York Times published an article entitled Robots Welcome to Take Over, as Pandemic Accelerates Automation, with a lot of emphasis on replacing retail store employees. The article is normally behind the NYT's paywall, but is available by signing up with a free account during COVID-19 times. 
Windows Management Experts
Managing Microsoft-based environments is no longer just a matter of configuring PCs and installing servers (we almost said "a simple matter," but nothing is really simple with Microsoft; but we digress). Nowadays, you may also be setting up SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Teams, Skype for Business, and more.

If you are interested in those solutions but don't know where to start, or are struggling with the design and deployment of these solutions, or want to know how to leverage them to support remote teams in pandemic times, you may want to look at Windows Management Experts, a specialized IT services company based in both Pennsylvania and Arizona. 
Seen Recently...
"What are your thoughts: I'm seeing a lot of posts about 'busy work' being done -Zoom calls just to check in with no objective/agenda, research projects to keep junior staff 'active', etc. There is NO need to fill your day as if it's business as usual. It isn't. Your staff is scared & exhausted, and it's ok to have some down time while everyone figures out what's next. Take it easy-- there will be plenty to do when we get to the other side of this situation. Be good and kind to YOU and your team; and find creative ways to help others -- that's what matters."

-- Jonathan Lovitz, Senior VP at National LGBT Chamber of Commerce