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Knowledge & Information Technology
No. 287 - 3 May 2021
CSA CISO Summit at the RSA Conference
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is holding a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Summit on May 18 during the RSA Conference (8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Eastern US time). In announcing this new virtual event, CSA pointed out that it is not limited to CISOs or other C-level attendees, but is open to "all cybersecurity professionals looking to understand how their role contributes to an organization's cloud strategy." The topics will include:
  • C-Suite Challenges in the Cloud
  • Evolving Cybersecurity with the Cloud
  • Transitioning to the Cloud
  • Strengthening Cloud Operations

The event web page also includes an offer to attend the Digital Expo at the RSA Conference (May 17-20) for free, or to get a $100 discount for the full conference pass.
Requirements Engineering
In a recent mailing about its training resources (a very rich catalog, by the way), the Association for Computing Machinery listed the book Requirements Engineering for Software and Systems, by Philip A. Laplante. ACM members can read the book online here for free, but note that this is the second edition. There is third edition, which costs USD 80-$100 depending on medium and seller. For most ACM members, the free edition is probably good enough.
Adam Wenchel on AI Explainability

Adam Wenchel, CEO of Arthur AI, discussed bias, fairness, and the explainability of machine learning in an interview in TheSequence. He mentioned the steps required to maximize fairness: ensure that models and datasets are documented and understood, understand the system's impact on end users. define what fairness means for the specific application (what is it that you want to minimize?). He then described some explanation techniques that work well on blackbox models (e.g., deep learning).

Arthur AI is a product that monitors the execution of AI models to achieve performance optimization, bias detection and mitigation, and decision explanation.

TheSequence is a short, free weekly newsletter on AI core ML concepts, summarizing advances and research papers in a few paragraphs. The paid option, TheSequence Edge, describes three things each week: an AI concept, a research paper, and a new framework or tool.
The Analytics Setup Guidebook
Holistics has published a guidebook "for technical team members who are looking into setting up an analytics stack for their company for the very first time." The book is divided into four topics:
  • High-level overview of an analytics setup
  • Centralizing data
  • Data Modeling for Analytics
  • Using Data
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James Kelleher (@etienneshrdlu): "Imagine you're worth $119.4 billion on a burning planet and this is the limit of your ambition."