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Issue No. 29 - 2 August 2010
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Data Explosion
Consulting Recovers?
PKI for Embedded Devices
Outlook Social Connectors
Type Faster!
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IT Due Diligence Services
c�b� is glad to announce a partnership agreement with AXESSIO, an IT consulting and due diligence services firm, opening its first office in the US. With offices in Paris and London, AXESSIO has become a service provider of choice for Private Equity funds.
Because of the scale of their investments and the risk of operational disruption, Private Equity investors are increasingly concerned about IT when looking at potential deals:
  • Poorly designed software products can destroy the reputation of a technology company
  • Obsolete IT systems and infrastructure can threaten the competitiveness of a company, disrupt operations, and induce undue costs during mergers and acquisitions
  • Projects, especially ERP implementations, if not adequately scoped and managed, can hinder profitability for years.
AXESSIO helps Private Equity investors detect, evaluate and mitigate technology-related risks. For more information, contact Christian Leman at +1 512 963 0467.
Data Explosion
This two-month old ReadWriteWeb article by Richard MacManus gives interesting predictions about the coming data explosion. While people can always naively predict an explosion anywhere along an exponential curve, the addition of sensor-generated data does seem to indicate an additional acceleration of the growth. Last year, HP CEO Mark Hurd said that "more data will be created in the next four years than in the history of the planet."
Consulting Recovers?
According to an early 2010 report from Plunkett Research, global consulting revenues in 2010 (including HR, IT, business strategy and operations) should bounce back to $345 billion, after dipping from $330 billion in 2008 to $310 billion in 2009.
Machine-to-Machine Authentication
With the development of the "smart grid" concept, embedded devices connected to the Internet will proliferate, and the fear of attacks on this "Internet of things" is growing. Authentication of devices (as opposed to human users) is generally simplistic, but solutions exist to bring the benefits of PKI to this brave new world, as explained in this paper written for Embedded Computing Design by Nadaradjane Ramatchandirane of Renesas.
Outlook Gets Social
Rich Hoeg, Manager of Knowledge Sharing at Honeywell, recently blogged about Microsoft's Outlook Social Connector, which shows your e-mail correspondents' profiles (pulled from LinkedIn, Facebook or Windows Live Messenger) in a pane at the bottom of any e-mail you've exchanged with them. Although you have to separately install the base connector, then the connectors for each separate network, the whole process is reasonably easy and the results are impressive.
If You Do It So Much, At Least Do It Faster
It's puzzling that so many people who spend a lot of time typing don't seem interested in learning to do it faster. You don't have to type at 160+ words per minute, like the winner of the Ultimate Typing Championship, but if you don't type at around 50-60 wpm, which is quite achievable, you're wasting precious time you could use for more interesting work or play. You can test your speed, solo or against others, at TyprX.
If you can't resist the temptation to look at the key labels while you type... get rid of the labels! That's the idea behind one model of the DasKeyboard from Metadot Corporation.
Seen Recently
"Computing may someday be organized as a public utility."
-- John McCarthy, Computer Science and AI pioneer,
at the MIT Centennial in 1961,
quoted by Mitchell Ummel in his 2010 Cutter webinar
"Cloud Computing: Separating the Hype from the Reality"