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No. 291 - 1 July 2021
News from the Object Management Group

OMG's second quarter meeting ended on June 18. The next meeting (Sep. 27-Oct. 1) will be held in a hybrid format, with in-person attendance in Burlingame, Calif. (next to San Francisco airport). It is not too early to contact Claude Baudoin, even if you are not an OMG member, if you have material you would like to present in one of these domains:
  • business modeling and integration (ontologies, process modeling, enterprise architecture)
  • AI use cases or considerations for standardization (explainable machine learning, bias testing, training dataset metadata, image classification, etc.)
  • best practices for cloud computing architectures, adoption and management.

Note that the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) will meet the same week in the same place. Agendas for both groups will be published during August.
Online Platform Transparency Act

U.S. Senator Ed Markey had introduced a bill, fairly obviously aimed at Facebook, to regulate online platforms in the following ways:
  • impose transparency about the use of collected data,
  • require the retention of all ads, including their targeting criteria and what user information was shared with the advertisers,
  • prohibit discrimination,
  • make "algorithmic processes" used on the platform visible and subject to review to prevent the discriminatory use of personal information.
See this post by lawyer Odia Kagan for a more complete description. Whether the bill has a good chance of adoption, and how it will evolve through the legislative process, is another story.
Save 20% on Registration to IoT in Oil & Gas Conference

The 7th Annual Conference on IoT in Oil & Gas will take place in Houston (plus a live streaming option) on September 15-16. Claude Baudoin will speak on behalf of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) on how to address security challenges in industrial IoT.
You can save 20% on the registration fee, courtesy of the Energy Conference Network and IIC, with code "IIC20" -- or simply click on this link.
Bouygues Telecom Launches the Flowers Innovation Contest

The French language police is probably aghast at the use of an English word to designate an initiative launched by French operator Bouygues Telecom. While the company touts this program as a "unique experience," it is a variant on the well-known concepts of startup incubators and open innovation. What seems new is a veiled admission from Bouygues that it needs these startups to diversify itself. Entrepreneurs can apply now, and a selection process will conclude with the creation in early 2022 of multiple small companies entirely funded by Bouygues. The press release (in French) does not say whether and how Bouygues will retain exclusivity on the new products or services developed by the startups.

Thanks to Stéphane Bellanger for alerting us to this initiative.
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