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R.I.P. Google Wave?
Web-Based Collaboration
Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal?
EA Roadmapping
Collaborative Innovation
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Shocking News: Users Needed to Succeed
On August 4, Google announced that it suspended the development of Google Wave, and may limit support to the end of 2010. What happened? Lack of "traction." Why? The blogosphere is abuzz with 20/20 hindsight interpretations, but there are at least two aspects:
  • The drastic change of collaboration mode, after 30 years of institutionalization of an e-mail-based culture, was too much too soon.
  • Google did not maintain the early enthusiasm of Oct.-Nov. 2009 among its pilot users -- it went silent after obtaining initial feedback, instead of continuing to spur interest by adding the most requested features via frequent updates.
In retrospect, it may be interesting to re-read my paper "Google Wave and the Future of Collaboration" published by Cutter last February. If you are not a client of Cutter, ask for a copy.
More on Web-Based Collaboration
Picking up on the above news and on Claude's paper, Daigo Tanaka provides in his blog some very insightful remarks on "collaboration leveraged by Information technology."

The August issue of the Cutter IT Journal, guest-edited by Joseph Feller (Senior Lecturer at University College Cork) is entitled "The Web as Platform." It will feature another paper by Claude on "The Web as Collaboration Platform," describing a recent case study of building an ad-hoc collaboration environment in the cloud, as well as a glimpse into the capabilities offered by Cisco Quad.
Web Content Management Tools Compared
The three most popular WCM tools that can be used by a small company or an association (because of the low cost and simplicity), but may also be appropriate for some needs of larger organizations, are Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. Many comparisons have been published, but be careful to look at the dates of these papers, as the tools evolve quickly. Also look at the potential affiliation of the reviewer with one of the camps.
Enterprise Architecture Roadmapping
For a consulting engagement that is still in progress, we built an outline of 26 activities to be performed to create an EA roadmap. The specific client did not require all 26 steps, as they had done extensive work to identify business drivers and strategies, and had already created the conditions for IT-business alignment. Still, the complete list may become a template for our EA practice and, once the engagement is over and the "lessons learned" can be integrated with the theory of this exercise, we will be looking to publish those as a report.
Research on Collaborative Innovation
Discussions with two companies over the last month indicated that managing innovation is still a big challenge. You need to identify promising external ideas from all the "noise" that a Web crawler can produce; add internally generated ideas; have an effective process to filter ideas; give timely feedback to internal submitters; foster a discussion with subject matter experts; provide marketing support to evaluate the potential benefit of the retained ideas; and manage the transition into a managed portfolio of innovation projects.

Laboranova is a European Union-funded project that has produced several prototype tools for Web-based collaboration on innovation. These tools handle different collaboration modes: brainstorming, games, sharing of ideas through video, visual mapping, predictive markets, and more.
Seen Recently
"You need to have a common understanding of what everyone means when speaking of Change Management"
-- Stacy Goff, President of the American Society for
the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM),
in "Change Management: Confusion or Success?"

"When people said 'we're TQM' and somebody said 'no you're NOT,' there was no way to figure out who was right, which means that the term meant nothing to begin with. [...] I don't believe that is the case with agile and so my recommendation is, start debunking people who falsely claim they are agile."
-- "Bwtaylor" in response to a post claiming that "Agile is dead"
because "everyone and their mother now claim to be Agile."