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Issue No. 31 - 1 September 2010
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Mike Rosen on MDM
The Web as Platform
Robot Swarms for Oil Cleanup
What's a Zettabyte, Anyway?
5 Billion Devices and Counting
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Master Data Management
Michael Rosen, who heads the Enterprise Architecture practice at Cutter Consortium, published two short "E-mail Advisors" on MDM in August:
If you have trouble accessing these papers, contact us for help.
The Web as Platform
The August issue of the Cutter IT Journal, put together by guest editor Joseph Feller, is entitled "The Web as Platform." One of the articles is "The Web as a Collaboration Platform: Opportunities and Challenges" by Claude Baudoin.
The usual instructions apply: if you are not a Cutter subscriber, please click here to request a copy.
Robot Swarms for Oil Spill Cleanup?
The recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has spurred a wide range of proposed new approaches of various plausibility. This MIT project applies the idea of "robot swarms" in a rather pragmatic way: the robots in the swarm do not eat oil themselves (contrary to the title of the Computerworld article), they just coordinate with each other to drag a number of "dumb" oil-separating filters over the maximum area in the most efficient way.
Data, Data Everywhere...
By 2020, according to a forecast by IDC, we will generate 35 ZB of data per year. If you're not up to speed on the latest SI unit prefix inflation, a zettabyte, or ZB, is a thousand exabytes, or a million petabytes. That's 1021 bytes.
Don't despair: after a few more years, if zettabytes are not enough, we will be able to count in yottabytes (1024). Whether we will know how to do anything useful with all that data remains to be seen!
Which brings us to this interesting article (twittered by Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media) from The Telegraph, "10 ways data is changing how we live." This definitely places quality back in its legitimate place above quantity.
Soon: More Devices Than Humans
Another forecast, another big number: Network World reports an IMS Research estimate than there are now 5 billion devices connected to the Internet, and that this will grow to 22 billion by 2020 because of the "smart grid" -- countless sensors directly tied to the network. This explosion will reinforce the need for device authentication, which we mentioned in The KIT No. 29.
Seen Recently
"Oracle. Cloud. Oracle. Cloud. Oracle. Cloud. Oracle. Cloud. Oracle. Cloud. ... Hmm, saying it over and over still doesn't make it true."
-- George Reese, CTO of enStratus, via Twitter (@GeorgeReese)

"Sadoscrumism (n). The mistaken assumption that pain triggered by Scrum is always a 'good kind of pain'."
-- Henrik Kniberg, from Swedish consulting company Crisp,
on the company blog (the main site is inexplicably in Swedish only)
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