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Issue No. 32 - 15 September 2010
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We Have Great IT, So We're Worth More!
This may be a first in terms of a non-IT business recognizing the value of its information systems: in "Airgas Provides Update on Value of Highly-Customized SAP Implementation," that company is essentially claiming that its IT strategy gives it a higher valuation than what is offered by a would-be buyer.
The description of the project sometimes sounds naive, and the expected benefits must result as much from process improvements as from the tool itself. But the fact that executives make the claim contained in this press release may be unprecedented.
The Risk of Geotagged Images
The August 12, 2010 "Personal Tech" column of the New York Times discussed the potential risk posed by geotags, which GPS-equipped digital cameras, including smartphones, embed in pictures. Most people are unaware that the photos, which they often post on social networking sites, contain such tags and that there is software (including browser plug-ins) that can decipher them, potentially revealing someone's address or whereabouts.
People often complain about privacy issues in social networks even though they voluntarily posted personal details in the first place. In this case, however, it is hard to claim that users gave their consent since the geotagging function is not well known and is hard to disable.
(Thanks to Sally Boyd for pointing out this article.)
A Dashboard, No Accelerator, No Brakes
This is the metaphor used by Nari Kannan of Vsoft Consulting Group in "Business Intelligence without Power To Act on It is Useless," a blog post on the ebizQ Web site. The author's point is that providing nice dashboards without empowering people to fix issues is a waste. He also implies (and could have given more details) that it actually prevents people from doing their job well because it shifts the focus too much from performing to measuring performance.
(Thanks to Brenda Michelson for retweeting the ebizQ link.)
SOA/BPM Agility: Case Study Contest
The votes are in and are being counted: the judges of the 2010 case study contest on "Business Agility and Process Optimization Enabled by BPM and SOA", run by the BPM/SOA Community of Practice, have selected the winning entries. They will be announced during the group's meeting, held on September 21 in Cambridge, Mass., as part of the Object Management Group's quarterly technical meeting. The KIT No. 33 will summarize who won and why (Claude Baudoin is one of the judges).
Seen Recently...
"White papers are an ineffective means to achieve change within an organization, and I have seen countless reports published and subsequently banished to the information abyss of our knowledge repositories.I did not want to participate in an effort that would soon be forgotten, and I was uncomfortable having the existence of a white paper as our only success criterion.We would have received credit for meeting the objective, but we would not have made a significant impact."
-- Bill Robertson, ex-colleague and friend
... And Not So Recently
"Patty is our new 'Process Manager.' Patty doesn't know how to do anything. She only knows how to do things better!"
-- The pointy-haired boss, in a Dilbert cartoon from 18 Apr 1999